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Corro Top Rated

Each month, we select 5 horse care products and put them to the test in a side-by-side competition. We select 3 Expert Equestrians, among various disciplines, to rate and review each of the products based on specific criteria. We then post the judges' cards and the winning line up below, to help you find the perfect products for you and your horse! A percentage of the proceeds of the products reviewed will be given to the charities that our experts have chosen to represent. For this month, our experts rated Medicated Shampoos.

Top Rated Medicated Shampoos for Horses

Absorbine Fungasol Shampoo

  • Scent: 3
  • Effectiveness: 5
  • Post-Use Residue: 5
  • Efficiency: 5
  • Bottle - Ease of Use and Durability: 5
  • Total: 23

EQyss Micro-Tek Equine Shampoo

  • Scent: 5
  • Effectiveness: 4
  • Post-Use Residue: 5
  • Efficiency: 4
  • Bottle - Ease of Use and Durability: 3
  • Total: 21

Equiderma Neem Shampoo

  • Total: 18

E3 Antibacterial & Antifungal Shampoo

  • Total: 17

Cavalor Derma Wash

  • Total: 17

Judge Cards

We have posted each of our experts scores and critiques, so you can get all the details about these products and how they stack up to the competition.

Ellesse Jordan Gundersen

Area of Expertise: Dressage Location: Wellington, FL Accolades: #1 individually ranked Dressage rider from the Philippines, #1 Ranked Southeast Asian Dressage Rider from 2014-2018, Top 3 in Swedish U25 Championships, multiple wins and placings in the large tour (Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and Grand Prix Freestyle) at International CDI 3*, 4*, 5* competitions Ellesse Jordan Gunderson is currently the #1 individually ranked Dressage rider from the Philippines and was the #1 Ranked Southeast Asian Dressage Rider from 2014-2018. She has many major accomplishments under her belt, such as: Placing Top 3 in Swedish U25 Championships, multiple wins and placings in large tour (Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special, and Grand Prix Freestyle) at International CDI 3*, 4*, 5* competitions around the world, multiple placings in CDI World Cup Qualifiers, multiple national wins in Europe and USA up to the Grand Prix level, FEI World Cup Finals 2018 Top 18, and being a FEI World Equestrian Games™ Tryon 2018 Competitor. With a diverse background influenced by top dressage trainers around the world, Ellesse Gundersen’s training over the years has developed into a unique, all-encompassing program. The results of that program include an array of horses that have and continue to develop into internationally successful mounts that shine in the arena, and are a pleasure in the barn. In 2003, Ellesse started regular yearly visits to Germany where she rode and worked at Hof Kasselmann each summer. She rode a variety of young horses and competition horses during these years. In 2006, Ellesse began riding and working at Stal Waldfried in Frankfurt, Germany, riding several horses a day, and training with head trainer Ingo Menze, while successfully competing on her own mare at small tour level and competing state owned Trakehner Stallion, Epernay. In 2008, Ellesse moved to the USA and, in 2009 began riding with Steffen Peters and Rebecca Rigdon. She then moved to Sweden in 2014 to work and ride at Norrehee Dressage Stable, home of Rasmus and Charlotte Haid-Bondergaard. There she rode several horses as well as her own horse, whom she competed and was successful with in International CDI events around Europe at the Grand Prix level and Under 25 Grand Prix level. In 2015 Ellesse began spending the winter in Wellington, Florida, where she competed in several CDI3,4,5* and World Cup qualifying events. She received her Olympic MER and was the second ranked rider in her Olympic group. Upon Returning to Europe that summer, she continued to campaign and compete in CDIs around Europe, having many top placings and a victory in Sweden. In 2017 Ellesse began riding with Rune Willum Thomsen and trained with him in preparation for the World Equestrian Games. She also began working for Kent Farrington, teaching his clients dressage for jumpers and riding his horses. Ellesse achieved the goal of riding in the World Equestrian Games in 2018, as well as qualified and competed at the FEI World Cup Finals. In 2019, together with her husband Henrik Gundersen, Ellesse opened her own private barn for clients in training, horses in training and sales horses. Ellesse’s training emphasizes individualism, and adapts methods to produce the elite equine athlete. The horses in Ellesse’s program excel in the sport as international performance horses, and are enjoyable, healthy, well-rounded athletes. By combining top level dressage training, unparalleled care, regular cross-training, and mentoring from some of the greatest trainers in the dressage world, she has achieved spectacular results.

Bryce Jepperson

Area of Expertise: Missouri Fox Trotters Location: Buffalo, WY Accolades: 2014 Open All-Around Versatility World Grand Champion, 2014 Open All-Around Ranch Horse World Grand Champion, 2016 National OFS Champion, and most recently the 2020 CH World Grand Champion, & 2020 All-Around Versatility Reserve World Grand Champion. Bryce’s love for horses began at birth, growing up with quarter horses and thoroughbreds. In 2006 he took an opportunity to work for Stephens Foxtrotters, training show horses as well as facilitating a private special needs riding program. Since then he has lead 7 successful show teams, competing on State, National, and World Platforms. His involvement in Foxtrotters has lead to many World Champion Titles, both in the performance arena and versatility arena. Some of his most notable accomplishments are 2014 Open All Around Versatility World Grand Champion, 2014 Open All Around Ranch Horse World Grand Champion, 2016 National OFS Champion, and most recently the 2020 CH World Grand Champion, & 2020 All Around Versatility Reserve World Grand Champion. His love for people and horses has also shown to be a successful combination. These gaited horses have been very useful in his management of the special needs program, due to their smooth and rhythmic movement they encourage riders to have greater mobility, and coordination. Dallin Story is the star of this program, he doesn’t let cerebral palsy hold him back from being a tough competitor. In 2016 Bryce was able to coach Dallin to winning a World Champion Title, and two Reserve World Grand Champion Titles. Some of Bryce’s most enjoyed moments with horses is seeing his students hard work pay off. Currently Bryce is prepping his 8th show team for what he hopes to be a successful 2021 season both on National and World levels. If you would like to contact Bryce or the Stephens Foxtrotters team, you can message their Facebook page - Stephens Foxtrotters LLC - or by emailing

Geronimo Obregon

Area of Expertise: Polo Location: Wellington, FL Accolades: U.S. Polo Team Member, Won the Texas Open, Pacific Coast Open, and Westchester cup -- which he represented the US against England. Geronimo Obregon became a professional at age of 14 after playing the highest level of polo in the US possible. His father was a professional as well, and ever since he can remember he has been riding and playing polo. Geronimo has played in the top high goal tournaments in the US including the US open, CV Whitney, Gold Cup, Pacific Coast Open, East coast Open, Texas Open, and the Westchester cup. He has played in top level tournaments in many countries, including Argentina, Australia, Mexico, and Guatemala. Geronimo has been fortunate to win in many tournaments, but the ones he is most proud of are the Texas Open, Pacific Coast Open, and Westchester cup -- which he represented the US against England. Similar to golf and tennis, there is a rating system (handicap) approved by the governing bodies of polo. It starts at -2 and goes to 10 goals, which only handful of players are rated across the world. Geronimo currently holds a 5 goal rating with the dream of achieving 10 goal status.

Expert Tip:

You can use medicated shampoos to help fight many skin conditions such as scratches, tail itch, rain rot, mange, ringworm, hot spots, seborrea, dry patches, and skin rashes. They can make a huge difference for horses with sensitive skin, and greatly aid in the relief of your horse itching or suffering from these conditions. These products are a must to keep on-hand in the barn.

Expert Charity Choices

Each of our experts have selected their favorite charity to represent. A percentage of the proceeds of these medicated shampoos will go to each charity, and you can also donate directly to them at checkout!! Click on each charity logo to learn more about them.

Ranch Hand Rescue - Human & Animal Sanctuary - Ellesse Jordan Gundersen

Ranch Hands Rescue fills a special niche in mental health counseling services in that we specialize in treating the more complex trauma cases, such as victims of severe and repetitive abuse and people not making progress in their current treatment programs. We heal critical care animals, then give them a purpose in our counseling program as they participate in Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling (EAAC) alongside specifically selected Licensed Professionals. COUNSELING CENTER RHR is the first organization in the world to partner rescued farm animals that have experienced abuse and neglect with clients in deep psychotherapy counseling sessions. We provide unique, trauma-informed counseling to people with a wide range of mental health issues, including domestic/sexual abuse, sex-trafficking, trauma, substance abuse, anger management, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, grief, loss, relationship problems, as well as hope for veterans and their families dealing with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), and more. ANIMAL SANCTUARY We rescue, rehabilitate, and provide sanctuary for the worst-of-the-worst farm animal abuse and neglect cases. The animals that will live out their lives at the RHR sanctuary are incorporated into the Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling program, and are given love and purpose. Our animals live out their lives in a peaceful and happy environment.

Past Top Rated