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Corro Top Rated

Each month, we select 5 horse care products and put them to the test in a side-by-side competition. We select 3 Expert Equestrians, among various disciplines, to rate and review each of the products based on specific criteria. We then post the judges' cards and the winning line up below, to help you find the perfect products for you and your horse! A percentage of the proceeds of the products reviewed will be given to the charities that our experts have chosen to represent. For this month, our experts rated Oil-based Mane & Tail Detanglers

April 2021 - Oil-Based Mane & Tail Detanglers

Judge Cards

We have posted each of our experts scores and critiques, so you can get all the details about these products and how they stack up to the competition.

Shawn Flarida

Area of Expertise: Reining Location: Springfield, Ohio Charity: St. Jude Children's Hospital Shawn and his wife, Michele, operate Shawn Flarida Reiners at their facility in Springfield, OH. At a very young age he knew he was going to be a horse trainer. That was all there was to it. With his dad there to encourage & demand the best from Shawn, he developed a keen understanding of the reining horse mind. He started training horses right out of high school and he never looked back. Weekend after weekend he began his climb to his first $3-4 million in rider earnings, all with his family by his side. Shawn was inducted into the NRHA Hall of Fame in 2011 & set a record as the first rider ever to reach $6 Million in earnings. He credits many of his accomplishments to his parents, his family, and to the incredible horses & their owners. Shawn has made history quite a few times in the Reining Horse Industry with notable wins such as Multiple NRHA Open Futurity titles, NRHA Derby Open titles, and NRBC titles along with several All American Quarter Horse Congress wins. Shawn has also acquired five gold medals at the World Equestrian Games. It is no secret that he loves being a great horseman and great husband & father. Shawn is passing on his knowledge to is son Sam, as well as other youth riders as they compete for Team USA Youth Reining & at the NRHA Futurity & NRBC. To contact Shawn and his team, you can visit their website or call them directly at (937) 631-2033.

Karen Polle

Area of Expertise: Show Jumping Location: Charity: Karen Polle is a show jumper who competes for Japan. Karen was born in Tokyo and grew up in New York City. She is a graduate of Yale University with a degree in Economics. Karen is a member of the Japanese National Showjumping Team and is the highest ranked Asian rider in the world. She has won classes at major 5* competitions internationally, and she and her horse With Wings were Individual Finalists at the 2018 World Equestrian Games. Karen is a member of the Rolex Young Riders Academy.

Heather Reynolds

Area of Expertise: Endurance Location: Dunnellon, Florida Charity: Ronald McDonald House Heather Reynolds grew up in a family that didn't ride horses, but starting at the age of 4, she begged for a rental horse ride as often as her family could afford. Her dad found an add in the penny saver magazine to feed horses in exchange for riding. The lady from the ad, Maryben Stover, never hired her to feed, however she loved kids and told her to just come ride! She is the reason why Heather became an endurance rider. In 1988, Heather did her first endurance ride at age 11, and it was a 50 miler. Heather Reynolds has been competing in Endurance riding ever since. She competed for the USA World Championship Endurance team 4 times, was a Pam American Gold Medalist, is a 3 time Tevis Cup Winner, and 2 time Haggin Cup winner. She has won multiple National Championship wins, and has ridden over 23,750 competition miles. Heather and her husband, Jeremy, ride and train endurance at the top level in the USA. They currently have 23 horses in full training. To contact Heather, go to her website

Expert Tip of the Week:

Expert Charity Choices

Each of our experts have selected their favorite charity to represent. A percentage of the proceeds of these mane & tail detanglers will go to each charity, and you can also donate directly to them at checkout!! Click on each charity logo to learn more about them.