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Corro Top Rated

Each month, we select 5 horse care products and put them to the test in a side-by-side competition. We select 3 Expert Equestrians, among various disciplines, to rate and review each of the products based on specific criteria. We then post the judges' cards and the winning lineup below, so that you have only the best products for you and your horse. A percentage of the proceeds of the categories reviewed will be given to the charities that our experts have chosen to represent.

Top Rated All-Around Front Boots for Horses

Back on Track All-purpose Splint Boots

  • Design / Protection: 5
  • Material / Comfort: 5
  • Durability: 5
  • Sizing / Fit: 5
  • Ease of Use: 5
  • Total: 25

Professional's Choice SMB-3 Sports Medicine Boot, Pair

  • Design / Protection: 5
  • Material / Comfort: 5
  • Durability: 5
  • Sizing / Fit: 4
  • Ease of Use: 3
  • Total: 22

Woof Wear Sport Brushing Boots, Pair

  • Total: 22

EquiFit Essential Everyday Front Boots

  • Total: 19

Davis Splint Boots

  • Total: 16

Judge Cards

We have posted each of our experts scores and critiques, so you can get all the details about these products and how they stack up to the competition.

Robb Wallen

Area of Expertise: Saddleseat, Pleasure Driving Location: Temecula, CA Accolades: 30+ National Championships, Head Trainer at Wallen West Farms, Trainer of the Year, UPHA Chapter One Horseman of the Year, USEF R Judge Robb is a fourth-generation horseman and he and his wife, Betsy, currently own and operate Wallen West Farms in Temecula, CA. Robb grew up in Iowa and his family owned one of the largest training barns in the Midwest. Robb has had the opportunity to train horses of many breeds and boasts National Champion titles in the Saddlebred, Morgan, National Show Horse, and Arabian breeds. Along with national and regional awards, his training horses have been selected for multiple USEF Horse of the Year titles. Robb has also been recognized by his peers with numerous awards including Trainer of the Year and UPHA Chapter One Horseman of the Year. He is a USEF R judge and clinician. At the barn, Robb is active in all areas of equine development from breeding & foaling, starting young horses under saddle, long lining and driving, to finishing and maintaining show horses. He and his wife also run a successful lesson program passing along the love of horses and riding to future generations. In his free time, Robb enjoys spending time with his son Austen, playing sports, and loves to hike and spend time in the mountains.

Jessica Cavanaugh

Area of Expertise: Morgans Location: Woodstock, IL Accolades: 20x World Championships, Head Trainer at Silver Pine Stables, Coached many Champion Equitation riders Jessica is a 3rd generation horse trainer. She was lucky enough to grow up in the barn and started showing at 2 years old. As a teen, she showed Morgans and Saddlebreds at a National level, and by her 20’s, she was the assistant to Sandy Sessink of Old Orchard Farm in Michigan. At this barn, coached many World Champion titled equitation riders. Jessica then spent the next 10 years working as a co-trainer at Merriehill Farm in Illinois working Morgan horses. While training at Merriehill, she trained many horses that won at every level. In 2012, she showed LLL Tzar Alexander to win the Morgan World Champion Hunter Pleasure. In the past 20 years, Jessica has accrued more than 20 world titles. Most of which she proudly brings home to her own training barn, Silver Pine Stables in Woodstock IL, which she and her husband started in 2014.

Kelly Sweeney

Area of Expertise: Appaloosa Breed Location: Broad Brook, CT Accolades: 40+ World and National Championships Horses were a love affair for Kelly from a very young age. She started with pony rides in her hometown and it quickly escalated to owning her own horse. By 8 she was taking lessons and showing at local fairs. By the age of 14, Kelly got her first Appaloosa. She showed the open show circuit for years until a judge finally encouraged her to move up to the next level. In 1993, Kelly joined the Appaloosa Horse Club and started showing at some regional Appaloosa shows. In 1998 she attended her first National show, and in 2000 she met her boyfriend, who is an Appaloosa horse trainer, encouraging her to ride even more. Kelly's life quickly went from casual riding to living and breathing horses. Although Kelly is an amateur rider and does not train horses for a living, she is very involved in all things horses. She is a hairdresser 4 days a week and makes western show clothes. She also bands horses manes and does hair and make-up at the shows. To date, Kelly has owned 12 Appaloosas and has won over 40 World and National Championships and 2,250 points.

Expert Tip:

Front boots protect a horse's front, lower legs from injuries that can occur during exercise. Front boots provide protection from the other hooves or other legs hitting the front legs, provide impact protection, safeguard the cannon bone, tendons, and soft tissue, and help absorb hoof concussion. Make sure to check the instructions for accurately measuring your horse for boots and the proper placement for maximum protection.

Expert Charity Choices

Each of our experts has selected their favorite charity to represent. A percentage of the proceeds of our front boots will go to each charity at the end of the month. Click on each charity logo to learn more about them.

Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. - Robb Wallen

Saddlebred Rescue, Inc., is a truly unique rescue that incorporates the thinking and practices of a professional show stable with the realities of the plight of unwanted horses. At Saddlebred Rescue, we buy all horses in its program, mostly from auctions and sales where they were slaughter-bound. We have our own professional trainer who works with each horse to evaluate and design a schooling program to help the horse become as adoptable as possible. All horses in our program are evaluated by two professional horse trainers before they are placed. Each horse’s overall health condition is assessed by our staff and veterinarian, if necessary, and pressing health issues are treated immediately. Chronic conditions are recorded as such. All Saddlebred Rescue horses are in a lifetime program and will always have the option of being returned to us if the adopter’s circumstances change. Saddlebred Rescue encourages every potential adopter to visit our facility in northwestern New Jersey and try out any of our treasures that may be a potential match. We are located 50 minutes from Newark International, 50 minutes from Lehigh Valley Airport, and 2 hours plus from the Philadelphia Airport. While we encourage visits, we understand it is not always possible to visit us on site. In these cases, our trainers work with you to understand your needs and to pick out a horse that is perfect for you. Our placement rate is very high and returns for incompatibility are almost nonexistent. Every day our professionals work to improve the care, training, and placement of our treasures.

Past Top Rated

Corro Top Rated: Front Boots

Front boots protect your horse's cannon bone, tendons, and ligaments during exercise, turnout, or travel. Choosing the best equine leg protection is a vital part of horse care, so we asked three top equestrian professionals to review the best front horse boots in this edition of Corro Top Rated.

Choosing The Best Front Boots For Your Horse

Not all horses need to wear boots, and horses that do may not need to wear them all the time. Protecting your horse's legs from the concussion of your horse's hoof is more important for horses with horseshoes. However, barefoot horses can also injure their lower leg by accidentally hitting themselves.

Any exercise, whether schooling dressage in the arena or trail riding in the back country, involves some risk of injury. Horse boots or leg wraps help limit that risk, but choosing the right horse riding boots is essential as poorly fitting boots can cause discomfort. If you select a neoprene boot, ensure the boot has ventilation as this material can trap heat.

Front boots can also be used while trailering, but many horse owners prefer to use travel boots that protect the horse's entire pastern and hoof. When using front boots in turnout for longer periods, comfort, breathability, and secure velcro are critical.

All of the stable supplies you use for your horse can impact their well-being and performance. Just like halters, horse blankets, English or Western saddles, stirrups, cinches, saddle pads, and headstalls, front boots are a vital piece of horse tack. Support your horse's soundness and hoof care by choosing the best.

Best Front Horse Boots Reviews

Our expert panel of judges has experience using all types of horse boots, from overreach boots to ankle boots and fetlock boots to skid boots. Top brands of boots include Cavallo, Classic Equine, and Easycare. However, only one pair can earn the coveted Corro Top Rated blue ribbon. Here's more about our judges' favorite front horse boots.

Back on Track All Purpose Splint Boots

The Back on Track Splint Boots won the Corro Top Rated blue ribbon for their versatility as an all-purpose boot that combines shock-absorbing padding with therapeutic Welltex technology. These boots are ideal for protecting legs while promoting circulation to reduce inflammation and support optimal performance.

Professional's Choice SMB-3 Sports Medicine Boot

The Professional's Choice SMB-3 Sports Medicine Boot impressed our judges with its comprehensive protection and support. These boots feature UltraShock lining that absorbs hoof impact energy and a suspensory strap that prevents hyperextension of the fetlock.

Woof Wear Sport Brushing Boots

The Woof Wear Sport Brushing Boots offer impressive durability combined with superior comfort. These flexible boots use an ergonomically molded PVC strike pad to protect the leg from impact and interference. Our judges especially appreciated these boots' excellent value and ease of use.

Equifit Essentials Everyday Front Boots

The Equifit Essentials Everyday Front Boots are high-quality front boots designed to stand up to everyday use in turnout or the arena. These boots have an Everleather outer suitable for the most destructive horses and show ring looks, making them incredibly versatile.

Davis Splint Boots

The Davis Splint Boots are a classic option for horse owners looking for dependable leg protection at an affordable price. The lightweight design of these boots protects the splint bones, sesamoid, tendons, and soft tissues with heavy-duty hook and look straps that keep the boots in place for any use.

Other Types Of Horse Boots And Wraps

If your horse needs more than just front boots to protect his legs, there a plenty of other types of horse boots and leg wraps to check out. Bell boots, splint boots, tendon boots, sport boots, polo wraps, hoof boots, shipping boots, and fly boots all have a place in your tack locker. Shop horse boots at Corro to keep your horse prepared and protected for every ride.