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Tough-1 Original Hay Hoops Collapsible Wall Hay Feeder (Frame Only)

JT International Distributors, Inc.


Safeguard your horse from developing stomach ulcers with the Tough-1 Hay Hoops Collapsible Wall Hay Feeder. This hanging horse feeder keeps hay low to the ground to mimic natural grazing and slow down eating, which also helps prevent bad stall habits like weaving, cribbing and pacing. Net not included.

Key Benefits

  • Encourages slow eating: Features a low-profile design to mimic grazing to help slow down eating and prevent ulcers.
  • Simple to use: This horse feeder has a simple design for easy use and re-fills.
  • Easy installation: Comes with mounting frame. For best results, use with a net with holes no larger than 2€