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    Pyranha Fly Space Spray Concentrate for Spray Systems

    Pyranha, Inc.

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    Pyranha's 1-10 HP and 1-10 HPS Concentrated Spray System Refills were developed using the highest quality pyrethroids to provide quick knockdown and effective control against a broad range of harmful biting insects. These premium formula insecticide refills work with 55 and 30 gallon automatic spray systems to help control flying insect populations in your horse barn.

    Key Benefits

    • Premium formula: Developed using high-quality pyrethroids to provide quick knockdown and effective control of insect populations.
    • For automatic spray systems: Insecticide concentrate works with any automatic fly spray system.
    • Highly concentrated: Be sure to dilute before use.
    • Insect control: Helps to control a range of harmful insect populations including Horn Flies, Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Fruit Flies, Black Flies, Stable Flies, Face Flies, Midges, Mosquitoes, Gnats, and more.

    Directions For Use

    Dilute before using. Add 1 part of this product to 11 parts of clean water (11.6 ounces of product per gallon of water). Mix thoroughly prior to application. Use indoors and outside with an automatic spray system. For handheld spray equipment, use the same dilution at a rate of 6 to 12 fl. oz. per 1000 sq. ft. area.


    Active ingredients: Pyrethrins: 0.30%, Piperonyl Butoxide: 3.00%, Permethrin: 0.60%. Other ingredients: 96.10%

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