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    Vita Flex Vision Focus & Calming Paste

    Vita Flex

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    Vita Flex Vision is specially formulated with a unique combination of seven active ingredients to help keep horses focused and calm in stressful situations. Packaged in an easy to administer, single dose oral syringe, this paste supplement helps to manage frightened, agitated, and nervous behavior without causing drowsiness for improved performance and easier travel.

    Key Benefits

    • Seven calming active ingredients: Promotes calm and focus with magnesium, tryptophan, inositol, Valerian root, and vitamin B1, B2, and B6.
    • Non-drowsy: Calms without unwanted side-effects like drowsiness.
    • Use before performance and travel: Administer two hours before heavy training, performance activities, competition, racing, and trailering for a calmer demeanor and improved focus.
    • Single-dose oral syringe: This paste supplement is packaged in a single 32.5 ml dose syringe for easy oral administration.


    Per 32.5 ml syringe. Active ingredients: L-Tryptophan: 2500 mg, Thiamine: 1000 mg, Inositol: 1000 mg, Riboflavin: 500 mg, Magnesium: 400 mg, Vitamin B6: 400 mg, Valerian root extract: 36 mg. Inactive ingredients: Artificial flavoring, corn starch, glucose, glycerin, maltodextrins, methylparabens, silicon dioxide, sorbic acid, sorbitol, sucrose, water.

    Directions For Use

    Administer contents of syringe directly into horse’s mouth and when possible, to the back of the tongue. For performance horses and racehorses: 1 full syringe 2 hours before competition or as regulation officials will allow. For transporting horses: 1 full syringe 2 hours before loading and 1 full syringe every 8 hours if transporting is prolonged. Do not use prior to anesthesia.

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