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Uptite Poultice

Uptite Company


A little Uptite Poultice goes a long way in providing your horse fast, cooling relief from soreness, heat, and inflammation of the legs and tendons. This unique, multi-purpose poultice also works as a general antiseptic to treat inflammation, wounds, abscesses, and hoof conditions. Non-irritating and non-toxic Uptite Poultice is made with pure spring water and powerful active ingredients that provide fast relief for sore and swollen legs and hooves.

Key Benefits

  • Dual purpose 24-hour poultice: Non-irritating, non-toxic fast-acting poultice and general antiseptic for temporary relief of soreness, heat, and inflammation of the legs and tendons. Intended for animal use.
  • A range of uses: Use on thrush, gravel, cuts, burns, abrasions, and boils. Ideal as hoof packing or used topically on quarter cracks and other hoof conditions. Prevents post-workout heaviness or edema in a horse’s legs.
  • Easy-to-use: Apply this thick paste directly to the inflamed area. May be used alone or under bandages. Easily remove with water.
  • Competition safe: Contains no prohibited substances.


A superior aluminium silicatem, scientifically blended with montmorillonites, biborate soda and pure spring water.

Directions For Use

Wet horse’s leg prior to application. Apply preparation to the inflamed area. Continue to apply paste to cover hair up to ¼ inch thick. Wrap area with gauze to hold in position and cover with brown paper to keep poultice moist and active. For injuries of the tendon, follow the above directions and soak brown paper in water before applying for a longer and more penetrative effect.

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