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    ThinLine Bridle Busy Buddy Horse Calmer

    ThinLine Global

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    The ThinLine Busy Buddy Bridle is a helpful relaxation chewing tool that works in a range of stressful situations to keep your horse calm and focused without the use of medications or supplements. The Busy Buddy Bridle fits inside your horse's mouth and is specially designed to work with a bridle and bit, featuring Latex tubing over elasticized rope with ThinLine bit guards and a clip and ring for easy attachment. Chewing on the tubing not only prevents horses from damaging expensive reins, it calms them by activating the jaws, which stimulates the relaxation process in the entire body.

    Key Benefits

    • Busy Buddy Bridle: Medication and supplement alternative relaxation tool that activates the jaw and engages the horse to help calm the entire body. Designed for use with a bridle and bit.
    • Relaxation in any situation: Works to calm horses in a variety of stressful situations, like waiting around at shows, Vet visits, farrier work, clipping, grooming, tacking up, or on trial rides. Also works for horses lunging in their bridle or to help introduce a horse to a bit.
    • Quality construction: Made with industrial, hospital-grade Latex tubing, ThinLine bit guards, and elasticized rope with a metal ring on one end and a plastic clip on the other for easy attachment.
    • Measurements: 19″ total length, 8" of Latex tubing.
    • Also try: The Busy Buddy Halter.

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