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Herm Sprenger HO-Weymouth 14 mm with revolving cheeks

Herm Sprenger


This Herm Sprenger HO-Weymouth features revolving cheeks that allow the mouthpiece and cheeks to work independently, to achieve both poll pressure and tongue relief at the same time. This design prevents tilting through single-sided rein aids and helps support more precise communication. The stainless-steel cheeks are longer, delivering a higher poll pressure and a slightly delayed leverage effect. The unique 14 mm slanted sensogan mouthpiece has a smooth, rounded, forward angled port that provides tongue relief and enables fine distribution of pressure on the tongue. The angled mouthpiece stimulates tongue sensitivity to ensure precise rein aids and improves horse and rider communication. Suitable for horses that dislike tongue pressure and ideal for introducing a horse gently to a Weymouth bit.

Key Benefits

  • Herm Sprenger: Family-owned since 1872, a trusted producer of high-quality, innovative equestrian products. Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards with the finest materials available for quality that performs.
  • HO-Weymouth: Stainless-steel revolving cheeks and curb chain and a sensogan slanting mouthpiece with a smooth, rounded, forward angled port.
  • Revolving long cheeks: 7 cm lower cheek. Higher poll pressure and a slightly delayed leverage effect. Allows the cheeks and mouthpiece to work independently.
  • Slanted, ported mullen mouthpiece: Provides tongue relief and evenly distributed pressure, stimulates touch for precise rein aids and communication.
  • Sensogan: Bit mouthpiece material developed by Sprenger that increases the horse's satisfaction, motivation, and willingness to perform. Made with copper, manganese, and zinc for a smoother, more regulated process of oxidation for taste and salivation. Micronutrient manganese is helpful in preventing muscle tension to support stress reduction and may prevent allergic skin reactions. Easy to care for, doesn't easily tarnish, and retains its white-golden shine longer.
  • 14 mm mouthpiece: Thinner mouthpiece that delivers a more intense pressure and takes up less room in the mouth.
  • Size guide: Available in two sizes, which refer to the mouthpiece length. 14 mm mouthpiece thickness, 7 cm lower cheek, 13 cm cheek.
  • Discipline: Dressage

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