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    Herm Sprenger MAX-Control D-Ring 16 mm Double-Jointed with Locking Mechanism

    Herm Sprenger

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    The Herm Sprenger MAX-Control is a training or correction bit that features stainless-steel fixed D-shaped rings and a 16mm double-jointed mouthpiece with a locking mechanism that provides targeted control. When the mouthpiece reaches a certain angle caused by the horse getting strong or opposing the rider’s hand, the mechanism locks, and the bit begins to function as a straight bar for a more intensive rigid effect. When the contact softens, the mechanism immediately unlocks. The fixed cheeks allow direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw. The mouthpiece lies steady and won't pinch the corners of the mouth, and the lateral contact works well for horses that tend to fall out while riding or approaching obstacles.

    Key Benefits

    • Herm Sprenger: Family-owned since 1872, a trusted producer of high-quality, innovative equestrian products. Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards with the finest materials available for quality that performs.
    • MAX-Control D-ring bit: Effective training or correction bit. Stainless-steel fixed D-shaped rings and a double-jointed mouthpiece with a locking mechanism. Lies well in the mouth when the horse is working properly.
    • Locking Mechanism: Lock triggers when the horse's actions cause the mouthpiece to reach a certain angle. The bit then functions as a straight bar until the contact softens and it immediately releases.
    • 16mm mouthpiece: Offers a good weight-bearing surface and is well accommodated by most horses.
    • Size guide: Available in three sizes, which refer to the mouthpiece length. 16 mm mouthpiece thickness, 80 mm ring diameter.
    • Discipline: Jumping

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