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    Toklat Snaffle 4-Ring Continental Gag with 6 1/2" Cheek

    Toklat Originals

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    The Toklat Snaffle 4-Ring Continental Gag is a stainless-steel multi-purpose bit that is capable of acting on the horse's lips and poll in different ways depending on how you attach your reins to the rings. The lower rings offer greater leverage and strength while placing reins on a higher ring is closer to a normal snaffle action. Use double reins, one on top and one below, for action that is similar to a pelham bit. The single-jointed mouthpiece functions like a gag bit as it is free to move up in the horse's mouth.

    Key Benefits

    • Continental gag bit: A combination of a gag bit and a pelham bit. Acts on the poll with varying degrees of strength based on rein placement.
    • Multi-purpose 4-ring: Use one or two reins on the four rings for varying levels of control.
    • Durable construction: Rings and mouthpiece are made of stainless steel.
    • Size guide: Size refers to the length of the mouthpiece. Includes 6 ½" cheek with four rings.

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