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Myler HBT Shank Mullen Barrel MB 32

Toklat Originals


The Myler HBT Shank with a Mullen Barrel (MB 32, Level 2) has shorter, slightly curved back shanks and features the Independent Swivel Cheeks design. The Traditional Mullen mouthpiece is slightly curved for tongue relief, but with enough correctional pressure for a horse trained on the basics.

Key Benefits

  • Level Up: Myler's unique "level" system means there's a bit for your horse no matter their training. Level 2 mouthpieces generally give more relief on the tongue and the curved mouthpiece collapses into a "U" shape to avoid pinching of the lips and bars. Ideal for a horse trained on the basics and working toward more bit freedom.
  • The Basics: Stainless-steel 5" cheek. Mullen mouthpiece made of sweet iron with copper inlay for salivation.
  • Benefits of an HBT Shank: HBT Shanks are curb bits with shorter purchases than flat shanks. They provide some leverage and are ideal for trail riding as the short shank design makes for easy grazing.
  • Traditional Mullen (MB 32): Myler alternative to a classic mullen. The solid bar restricts the tongue, but features a slight curve for some tongue relief. Does not pinch the lips and bars.
  • Independent Swivel Cheek: The purchase of the cheekpiece is able to move independently of the shank, preventing it from poking or rubbing the horse’s cheek when the reins are engaged.
  • Independent Side Movement: Entire shank moves independently from the mouthpiece which means more control and clearer communication between you and your horse.

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