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Myler Flat Shank Correctional MB 27

Toklat Originals


The Myler Flat Shank Correctional (MB 27, Level 2-3) uses the combination of a fixed cheek and fixed rein to apply pressure to the mouth, chin, and poll. The Traditional Correctional mouthpiece provides tongue relief for the horse with increased control for the rider, making it ideal for a horse with solid basic training.

Key Benefits

  • Level Up: Myler's unique "level" system means there's a bit for your horse no matter their training. Level 2-3 bits offer precise control through ported mouthpieces that relieve your horse's tongue, however, there will still be some degree of pressure for correction. Ideal for moderately experienced horses who show resistance to more restrictive bits.
  • The Basics: Stainless-steel 7" cheek. Sweet iron correctional mouthpiece with a 2" port and copper inlay for salivation.
  • Flat Shank: Shank is curved back toward the horse with a flat-top purchase and rein ring and a fixed mouthpiece. Indirect (curb) rein action designed to be used with a curb strap, which attaches to the purchase. The entire shank moves independently of the mouthpiece, with a purchase that is angled away from the cheek to prevent rubbing.
  • Traditional Correctional (MB 27): Correctional with a narrow, high port that offers tongue relief with possible palate pressure. When the reins are engaged, it collapses on to the outer lip and bars and rotates on to the tongue. The corners of the port apply two points of pressure on the tongue for increased control. No ISM.
  • Independent Swivel Cheek: The purchase of the cheek piece is able to move independently of the shank, preventing it from poking or rubbing the horse’s cheek when the reins are engaged.

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