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Myler Embossed Seven Shank with Sweet Iron Narrow Medium Port MB 98

Toklat Originals


The Myler Embossed Seven Shank with a Sweet Iron Narrow Medium Port (MB 98, Level 3) features a decorative embossed floral pattern and concho on the cheek. This bit offers a moderate leverage effect using the combination of a fixed cheek and fixed rein to apply pressure to the mouth, chin, and poll. The solid mouthpiece has a narrow medium port that provides maximum tongue relief and little palate pressure, making it ideal for a trustworthy, well-trained horse.

Key Benefits

  • Level Up: Myler's unique "level" system means there's a bit for your horse no matter their training. Level 3 bits offer maximum tongue relief and work using a bar, poll, and curb pressure with little to no tongue pressure. Ideal for experienced, trustworthy, and consistent horses with mild to no control issues.
  • The Basics: Stainless-steel 7 1/2" cheek. Solid mouthpiece with a 1 5/8" port, made of sweet iron with copper inlay for salivation.
  • Embossed Seven Shank: Curb bit with moderate leverage. The mouthpiece is fixed to the cheek with a square end that minimizes rein motion. Design to be used with a curb strap attached to the purchase, which is angled away from the cheek to prevent rubbing.
  • Narrow Medium Port (MB 98): Significant tongue relief with little to no palate pressure. Slight pressure on the outside edges of the tongue when reins engage for a gentle reminder rather than a strong reprimand. No Independent Side Movement and does not rotate on the tongue. Sits across the lips and bars with a more solid feel.

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