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Myler Eggbutt without Hooks French Link Snaffle MB 10

Toklat Originals


The Myler Eggbutt with a French Link Snaffle (MB 10, Level 1) features a traditional eggbutt cheek with fixed rounded rings that provides a direct signal by preventing the mouthpiece from draping on the tongue. The French Link mouthpiece allows the tongue more freedom with less palate interference than a classic three-piece, while still applying enough correctional pressure for a horse just learning the basics.

Key Benefits

  • Level Up: Myler's unique "level" system means there's a bit for your horse no matter their training. Level 1 offers the most control and the least amount of tongue relief. Ideal for a young or inexperienced horse.
  • The Basics: Stainless-steel 3 1/2" rounded rings. Stainless-steel mouthpiece with copper inlay for salivation.
  • Traditional Eggbutt: Rounded rings with a fixed attachment to the mouthpiece. The straight side of the eggbutt will not pull through the mouth and does not pinch.
  • Traditional French Link (MB 10): Myler version of a traditional three-piece. No Independent Side Movement. Includes a smaller center link with a flatter contour to allow the tongue more freedom and minimize palate pressure. Curved to wrap around the bar and lips for greater comfort.
  • Competition Compliant: USEF, FEI, and USEA Dressage legal. Always consult the organization's rule book for complete information.

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