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    Animal Healthcare Thrush Magic Paste

    Animal Healthcare Labs, Inc.


    Animal Healthcare's Thrush Magic Paste treats and prevents thrush and white line disease in an easy-to-use formula.

    Key Benefits

    • Easy-to-Use: Syringe applicator applies water non-soluble paste that adheres to your horse's hoof easily.
    • Paste stays put: Topical paste will stay on your horse's hoof, even if it gets wet.
    • Finds hard-to-reach crevices: Paste can address issues in hard-to-reach places that ordinary treatments might miss.
    • Treats and prevents thrush and white line disease: Paste contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients to treat active cases and prevent new cases of thrush and white line disease in your horse's hooves.

    Directions For Use

    Place the tip of the syringe in the center of the frog portion of the hoof and insert 1 to 3 cc's of Thrush Magic. Apply every two to three days until the condition clears, and once a week thereafter for maintenance. Have farrier apply under the web of the shoe at each shoeing for any white line problems.

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    Organic Peroxide-Diacyl Cas #94-36-0, 85-68-7, 90-97% Composition; Dibutyl Phthalate Cas #84-74-2, 2-5% Composition; Tea Tree Oil Cas #68647-73-4, 1-3% Composition.