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Grand Meadows Grand Digest

Grand Meadows Inc.


Manage all three stages of digestion with Grand Meadows Grand Digest. Maintain a healthy Digestive Tract, PH Levels, and healthy levels of Gut Flora while reducing the risk of toxins with this supplement that addresses the Stomach, Small Intestine, and Hindgut/Large Intestine.

Key Benefits

  • Stomach: Key ingredients Toxynil Plus and Zeolites help protect against the absorption of harmful toxins and absorb excess stomach acids. Glutamine has been added to support the health and function of the delicate upper mucosal layer of the stomach that can be damaged when excessive levels of acid splash these tissues.
  • Small Intestine: Multizyme, a comprehensive enzyme blend which supports enzymatic breakdown of nutrients, is blended with Glutamine, which is essential for the maintenance and growth of the important intestinal villi through which all the nutrients pass into the blood stream to support comprehensive small intestinal support. Diamond V yeast also works in the small intestine by breaking down feed elements to pass more efficiently through the intestinal villi and provides mannooligosaccharides that support the scavenging of harmful bacteria.
  • Hindgut/Large Intestine: Aspergillus oryzae and Diamond V work synergistically to support the health of the beneficial flora which are vital to the immune system and the production of volatile fatty acids which are responsible for around 30% of a horse's energy.
  • Gut-Level Benefits: Diamond V Prebiotic Yeast works as a prebiotic food source, supplying a long list of enzymes that increase beneficial bacteria in the hindgut, resulting in improved fiber, protein digestion, and full utilization of all feedstuffs your horse ingests.

Feeding Instructions

Administer 1 scoop daily to a 1,000 lb horse.

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Guaranteed Analysis

(per 2oz or 57.6g)

Zeolytes: 21,262 mg
Sacchorymyces Cerevisiae (Yeast Fermentation Product): 11,340 mg
Sodium Aluminosilicate: 7,382 mg
Digestive Enzyme Blend: 4,252 mg
Dried Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Product: 3,969 mg
Glutamine: 1,984 mg


Inactive Ingredients

Calcium carbonate, calcium propionate, mineral oil, flavoring, soybean meal