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Redmond Equine Redmond Rock Crushed

Redmond Equine


Lick dehydration and mineral deficiency with Redmond Rock Crushed (formerly Daily Red). Loose sea salt packed with trace minerals and electrolytes trigger your horse to drink more and helps to naturally restore mineral balance. This supplement is ideal for when your horse is working extra hard, you're traveling, or any time you want to make sure your horse is getting the salt and electrolytes they need. Redmond Rock Crushed encourages drinking and provides all the natural trace minerals and electrolytes found in Redmond Rock.

Key Benefits

  • Salt Lick in a New Form: Redmond Rock Crushed is made from pure, unrefined sea salt from a salt deposit in Redmond, Utah.
  • Helps to restore mineral balance: The minerals in Redmond Rock Crushed can help restore and bring your horse back into a comfortable balance and provides essential trace minerals lacking in many feeds and natural forages.
  • Best when used daily: By adding Crushed to your horse's daily regimen, your horse can become more alive, energetic, stronger, and athletic.

Feeding Instructions

Top dress 1-3 ounces (1 oz scoop is included) per day, depending on how active your horse is or provide free choice. Provide fresh water at all times.

One Ounce/Day:

5 lb Pouch will last about 11 ½ weeks

25 lb bucket will last about 1 year

Two Ounces/Day:

5 lb Pouch will last about 5 ½ weeks

25 lb bucket will last about 7 months

Product Data Sheet

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Guaranteed Analysis

Sodium Chloride Avg: 93% Min: 96% Max: 91%

Calcium Avg: 0.55% Min: 0.85% Max: 0.35%

Copper Max: 3 ppm

Iodine Avg: 12 ppm Max: 10 ppm

Iron Avg: 500 ppm Max: 300 ppm

Magnesium Avg: 0.09% Max: 0.06%

Manganese Max: 5 ppm

Phosphorus Max: 0.002%

Potassium Max: 0.03%

Sulfur Avg: 0.2% 0.07%

Zinc Max: 1 ppm