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Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes



Effective against 30 microorganisms in 2 minutes, the Super Sani-Cloth Germicidal Disposable Wipes are the number one disinfecting wipes in healthcare. Fast contact time allows for a quick disinfection. Ideal for daily use in fast-paced environments that require short contact times and broad coverage of microorganisms. EPA-registered intermediate level disinfectant.

Key Benefits

  • Packaged designed for convenience: Deep well lid provides ample space to store and access next wipe
  • Prominent contact time for easy identification and improved compliance with accreditation standards
  • Efficient at disinfecting: Categorization of pathogens allows for quick identification of relevant efficacy claims
  • Read label for safety instructions: Icon clearly communicates key safety information on both label and lid
  • Can be used on many different surfaces: Designed to be compatible with hard nonporous surfaces and equipment made of stainless steel, plastic, Formica laminate, glass and more
  • Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal, Virucidal.
  • Short contact time: Short 2 minute contact time is effective against enveloped / non-enveloped viruses, bacteria, TB, fungi, multi-drug resistant organisms and bloodborne pathogens2
  • Caution: Use gloves when handling wipes.

Directions For Use

The contact time listed on the product label is the total amount of time that it takes to inactivate ALL of the microorganisms listed on the product label. This time is typically referred to in minutes, and should be communicated to anyone that are using the disinfectant. In certain geographies and also in settings where temperature, relative humidity, and air changes may vary, it is possible that the surface may not remain visibly wet for the designated contact time. Current EPA guidance requires that the treated environmental surface or equipment remains wet for the contact time stated on product label. Additional wipes may be needed in order to comply with the EPA guidance, however the overall contact time does not change.

When using on Toys and Accessories

Sani-Cloth wipes are available in EPA-Registered formulations that are approved and labeled for use on hard, non-porous toys. The products clean and disinfect in a one-step process, unless visibly soiled. Once disinfected, toys should be rinsed with potable water (tap water) to remove any residue and allowed to air dry. According to the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), Toys should be washed thoroughly; disinfected with a non-toxic, low-level disinfectant and air dried completely.

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