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Likit Starter Kit

Talisker Bay International / LIKIT


Set your horse up with a Likit Holder with the Likit Starter Kit. Each starter kit contains everything you need to install a Likit Holder: an amazing treat toy that hangs freely in the stable and makes your horse work to earn a tasty reward.

Key Benefits

  • A great entry to Likit Toys: Starter Kit contains a Likit Holder; Three Likit refills (650g) in Apple, Carrot, and Cherry; Two bags of Likit Snaks (100g), one in Apple & Cinnamon and the other in Mint & Eucalyptus.
  • Long-lasting durability: Toy is made from a durable ABS plastic and comes with a lead rope to easily attach to the rafters in your horse's stall.
  • Entertaining for your horse: This toy eliminates stall boredom and is great for horses who crib, weave, or are stall-bound for long periods of time.
  • Pro tip: If you don't have a beam to hang the Likit Holder from, you can use baler twine/rope across a corner and hang the Likit Holder from the middle of the baler twine to create a beam.