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Allied Precision Heated Flatback 10 Quart Bucket – Polyethylene Resin Bucket

Allied Precision Inc.


The handy, thermostatically controlled Allied Precision Heated Flatback Bucket features a sturdy bail so you can hang this heated bucket wherever you need it. The heating element is coiled and hidden between two walls at the bottom of the bucket, and will automatically turn on at 38 degrees Farenheit, and turn off at 50 degrees Farenheit.

Key Benefits

  • Use during freezing temperatures: Bucket can withstand temperatures to 20 below zero.
  • Safety features: Cord can come out from either the back or side of the bucket and is protected by an anti-chew coil.
  • Not a water warmer: Bucket will prevent water from freezing, but is not intended to warm water.
  • Compatability: Compatible with Lockndry
  • Size: 14 3

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