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Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet

Back on Track


This innovative Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet can be worn during warm-up or to help your horse recover after competition. Back on Track's exclusive Welltex fabric converts body heat to thermal heat therapy to loosen and soothe sore, tight, or inflamed joints and muscles to keep your horse in peak condition. It is proven to increase blood circulation which has many added benefits. The Therapeutic Mesh Neck Cover is sold separately

Key Benefits

  • Runs small: Pony Sizes (72 and below) run small. Horse sizes run pretty true. If a horse has broad shoulders, the shoulder gussets can be opened up.
  • Not your average material: Welltex, a proprietary blend of minerals exclusive to Back on Track, is infused into individual fibers that make up the material that lines this sheet. This special combination of minerals radiates energy back to the body using long wave infrared radiation. Welltex has been proven to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, and improve overall performance.
  • Pre- or post-exercise: Great for warm-ups to loosen muscles or after long rides, shows or competitions to support recovery.
  • Reliable fit: Features two chest buckles, cross-belly surcingles and a tail flap for a durable fit.
  • Safe for all: Ideal for horses with sore backs, stiffness, arthritis, tightness or to keep competition horses fit and ready.
  • Note: Due to a tagging error, the tags on some sheets may not reflect the actual size. We have taken steps to ensure that you receive the size you order. Please let us know if you have any questions!


Commonly Asked Questions

What do back on track sheets do?

  • Back on Track products may be helpful for horses that have sore backs, tight muscles, arthritic issues, or overall stiffness. The Welltex Material that is used utilizes the horse's own body energy and reflects the energy back as a far-infrared wavelength. 
  • Do back on track sheets work?
    • Many equestrians have seen amazing results with Back on Track products for both themselves and their horses.
  • How long can you leave a back on track sheet on?
    • The BOT mesh sheet should be used anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight.
  • Do back on track sheets run small?
    • The Therapeutic Mesh Sheet does run small, so we suggest that you select options that will accommodate this.
  • How do you use back on track sheets?
    • It is recommended to use back on Track Sheets and Back on Track Blankets following any type of activity including trail rides, and showing. In warmer months, this sheet can be used 30-45 minutes before activity to help loosen the horse's muscles.
  • Do back on track sheets work for everyone?
    • While Back on Track has seen amazing results with their products it is not guaranteed to work on every single horse. 
  • Is there a limit to how many times a back on track sheet can be used?
    • All Back on Track products should be implemented gradually. To start out, use the product for a maximum of four hours a day for the first 2-3 days. After the introductory period you can use the product daily for a minimum of 8 hours per day. 
  • What are the pros and cons of back on track sheets?
    • Pros - Back on Track makes great products that will last for years. It is an economical option as you get many treatments out of one horse sheet or horse blanket.
    • Cons - Due to the infrared thermal effect, these sheets cannot be worn 24/7. The body can get used to it and Back on Track recommends taking a break and returning to the product again to feel the results.
  • Are back on track sheets hard to remove?
    • Back on Track products are very easy to use! To remove the Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet simply unbuckle the chest buckles cross-belly surcingles, and slip it off.

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