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Horsemen's Pride Salt Snack on a Rope

Horsemen's Pride, Inc.


Give your horses get the minerals and nutrients they need, especially in hot weather and after workouts, with Horsemen's Pride Salt Snack on a Rope. This salt lick helps replenish important minerals to support your horse's overall health. It's made with pure Himalayan salt that is less breakable than softer pressed salt treats.

Key Benefits

  • Long lasting: Made with pure Himalayan salt to prevent breakage for a longer-lasting salt lick.
  • Supports overall health: Tops up sodium chloride and other minerals in your horse for optimal health.
  • Rich in minerals: An excellent source of iron, potassium, and magnesium to help replenish electrolytes after workouts.
  • Easy to store: Comes on a rope for easy installation in stalls and stables.