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HandsOn Grooming Gloves

Hands On Gloves


Your horse will find the grooming routine much more enjoyable when you handle the job wearing HandsOn grooming gloves. Used in place of the usual curry combs, mitts and shedders, these horse groomers are designed with scrubbing nodules that thoroughly clean and de-shed the coat.

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Key Benefits

  • Scrubbing action: Fingers and palms on these horse groomer gloves have scrubbing nodules that deep clean and de-shed the coat.
  • Non-stick gloves: These horse groomer gloves won't stick to the animal's coat, releasing hair instantly with a simple flick of the wrist.
  • Great massaging action: Noduled surface provides enjoyable massage for the horse.
  • Healthy conditioning: Massage improves circulation and distributes natural oils for skin improvement.
  • Secure fit: Horse grooming gloves stay on, even when wet and soapy.


Palm Width Measurements:

Junior - Under 6"
Small - 6 to 7"
Medium - 7 t 8.5"
Large - 8.5 to 10.5"
XL - Greater than 10.5"