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Life Data Labs Barn Bag Pleasure and Performance Horse Ration Balancer

Life Data Labs, Inc.


Life Data Barn Bag Pleasure and Performance Horse Ration Balancer equine supplement has a low-calorie, low-starch formula ideal for low-activity or hard-working horses. It provides horses with essential vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet without over or under supplementation that can occur with compound feeds.

Key Benefits

  • Vital nutrients: Contains essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids.
  • Optimized health: Horse feed supplement helps provide a balanced diet.
  • Calorie control: Low-calorie and low-starch concentrated pellet formula.
  • Balanced solution: Helps prevent harmful effects of over or under supplementation and often eliminates the need for grains.
  • Versatile formula: Ideal for supplementing the diets of both low-activity or hard-working horses.

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