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Vet Wrap

Vet Wrap for Horses

Unfortunately, horse owners can't wrap their horses in bubble wrap. However, when aches, sprains, cuts, burns, and other minor wounds occur, vet wrap can help. Find vet wrap for horses at Corro to stay prepared for anything, and keep reading to learn more about using this horse first aid kit best seller.

How to use Vet Wrap for Horses

Accessibility to vet wrap can be critical for managing minor horse wounds. All vet wraps, including 3M Vetrap Bandaging Tape, 3M Veterinary Elastic Adhesive Tape, and Andover CoFlex-Vet Cohesive Bandages, have a similar function. Depending on how many inches of vet wrap you need, customers can checkout multipacks of vet wrap rolls or purchase a single one.

In addition to dressing wounds, vet wrap is also helpful for organization. Typical uses of vet wrap for horses include bandaging wounds, protecting hooves, wrapping tails, holding IVs in place, emergency tourniquets, supportive leg wraps, fixing broken stable supplies, wrapping reins, securing buckles, and covering nails and electrical cords.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vet Wrap for Horses

What is a vet wrap?

Vet wrap is an elastic bandage that is self-adhering. This bandaging sticks to itself for a secure fit but will not adhere to other surfaces such as skin and hair. The elasticity of this bandage tape provides pressure and firm support in a wrap bandage.

Is vet wrap the same as a human wrap?

You can use vet wrap on humans, but this self-adherent wrap is most common in first aid kits for horses. Horse owners and veterinarians prefer vet wrap bandage for wrapping horse limbs because it does not stick to hair like other adhesive tapes. Small animal vets will also use vet wrap for dogs.

What is another name for vet wrap?

Vet Wrap is also called a cohesive bandage. There are several cohesive tape brands with product details similar to 3m Vetrap and available in assorted colors.

What are the benefits of vet wrap?

Adhesive vet wrap is elastic enough to apply the pressure necessary to inhibit bleeding while maintaining flexibility. Vet wrap tape will not cut off circulation when used with appropriate absorbent bandage padding like gauze pads. Since the self-adhesive bandage wrap does not stick to hair, there is a reduced risk of potential discomfort when removing leg wraps.

Is vet wrap elastic?

Vet wrap adherent cohesive wrap bandages are elastic. By stretching and conforming to the area, the tape bandage can act as a compression bandage to apply the appropriate pressure needed on a wound.

What materials are vet wrap made of?

Vet wrap consists of a medical-grade adhesive, water-resistant, breathable, hypoallergenic, and latex-free material that will not irritate the skin.

How is vet wrap used?
Vet wrap can be used as a sports wrap, wound dressing, or compression bandage. Equine owners often use this non-stick bandage to secure gauze pads, wound ointments, and medication. Vet wrap is also helpful as a hoof pack self-adherent bandage for wrapping hooves. Please refer to the product information for more appropriate uses of this great product.