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Spurs & Straps

Equestrian Spurs and Straps

Corro has everything you need for a successful ride. Shop riding apparel and equestrian gears like spurs and spur straps to communicate effectively with your horse in the saddle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spurs and Horse Riding Gear

When should riders wear spurs?

Spurs are a training aid worn by more advanced riders that allow for more refined aids. Before shopping for spurs and spur straps, consult your trainer to determine if spurs are the right choice for you and your horse.

What are the best spurs for riding?

Spurs come in a variety of styles for different disciplines. Common spurs frequently used by equestrians include prince of wales spurs, hammerhead spurs, rowel spurs, long neck spurs, and tom thumb spurs. Popular equestrian spur brands include Toklat, Kincade, Herm Sprenger, Professional's Choice, and Myler.

What is the purpose of spur straps?

Spur straps are leather or nylon straps designed to keep your spurs secured in the correct position on your riding boot. It is vital to refer to the spur manufacturer's instructions to ensure that you wear your spurs correctly.