Cavalor Lactatec Powder
Cavalor North America

Cavalor Lactatec Powder

Product id: 4448834846778
Cavalor North America

Cavalor Lactatec Powder

Product id: 4448834846778
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Cavalor LactaTec helps muscles perform optimally at peak times and promotes a speedy recovery, preventing muscle fatigue and keeping your horses supple every day. It is the most complete supplement, acting in multiple ways to support muscle activity, stimulate muscle recovery, and prevent muscle issues such as stiffness, damage, and fatigue. As a result, the horse can sustain peak performance even during periods of intensive training or multi-day events.  Also, very effective for horses that tend to tie up.


  • Muscle cell support for supple, healthy muscle activity: Contains minerals such as sulfur (S), magnesium (Mg) and manganese (Mn) that reduce muscle tension and promote flexibility and stamina of the muscles. 
  • Highly potent antioxidant mix for maximum protection: Utilizing a powerful combination of antioxidants such as vitamin E and selenium, Cavalor® LactaTec also contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, and bioflavonoids. 
  • Efficient muscle repair prevents acidification and muscle damage: Betaine ensures efficient oxygen transport to the muscles and reduces lactate production and storage.  Zinc, included in a chelated form, accelerates lactate breakdown, while sodium bicarbonate and sodium tripolyphosphate act as buffers, contributing to effective muscle recovery. 
  • The power of whey protein:  The whey proteins not only prevent muscle damage by neutralizing free radicals, but they also supply proteins with an ideal amino acid profile, supporting rapid and effective regeneration of damaged muscle cells. 
  • Essential amino acids are key: The essential amino acids lysine and methionine function as building blocks for the proteins from which the muscle cells are constructed.  

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Mix 30g in with the feed per day. In case of severe acidification, we recommend a course of 4 weeks. Then follow up with 2 days before, during, and for 1 day after the competition or heavy exertion.

MSM, Manganese, Vitamin B2, E, C, B1, B12, Bethaine HCl / DMG, Bicarbonate of soda, Lysine, Petroselinum Sativum, Magnesium, Selenium, Whey Proteins, Zinc, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Methionine, Citrus Aurantifolia.

MSM 3,0%
manganese (mn) 1 650 mg/kg
Vitamin b2 1 600 mg/kg
Vitamin e 42 234 IU/kg
vitamin c 39 008 mg/kg
Bethaine hydrochloride / DMG
104 811 mg/kg

bicarbonate of soda 7,0%
lysine 7,0%
petroselinum sativum 66 700 mg/kg
magnesium (mg) 2,5%
Vitamin B1 1 600 mg/kg
Vitamin B12 20 mg/kg

selenium (se) 10 mg/kg
whey proteins 15%
zinc (zn) 1 031 mg/kg
sodium tripolyphosphate 15,0%
methionine 6,5%
citrus aurantifolia 33 300 mg/kg

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