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Horse Toys

Toys For Horses

Horse toys can help bust boredom and prevent destructive behaviors in playful horses. No matter what type of horse riding you enjoy, keeping your horse's mind engaged outside of the arena is vital for his mental health care. Check out the answers to common FAQs about horse toys and learn more about providing mental stimulation to your horse.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Toys

Does my horse need a toy?

If your horse has a high play drive or spends a lot of time in his stall, he may enjoy having a horse toy to play with. Horse toys can also be beneficial for redirecting destructive behaviors like wood chewing and can discourage cheeky horses from damaging their enclosure.

Can horse toys help with stall rest?

Some horses can have a difficult time adjusting to stall rest. Providing a safe horse toy can help offer mental stimulation during their confinement and provide a productive outlet for excess energy.

Are horse toys safe?

Purchase a horse toy specifically designed for equine use to ensure safety. Reputable brands include Jolly Ball, Likit, Horsemen's Pride, and Uncle Jimmy's.

What is the best toy for horses?

Jolly Balls are popular toys that many horses enjoy playing with. Jolly Pets makes durable toys specifically for animals that can stand up to abuse in the barn.

Are Likits bad for horses?

Likits are safe for horses in moderation. However, these horse licks do contain high amounts of sugar that might not be suitable for horses with certain health concerns. Hang your Likit in a location where your horse cannot pin it down to encourage slow consumption.