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Martingales & Breastplates

Horse Tack Martingales & Breastplates

Martingales and breastplates are vital pieces of equestrian equipment to keep in your tack trunk. These horse tack essentials help keep the saddle in place and act as training aids to help equestrians get the most out of every ride.

Keep reading to discover the answers to common questions about equine breastplates and martingales and learn more about horse tack available at Corro.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breastplates and Martingales

What is the difference between a breastplate and a martingale?

Martingales are training aids that influence the position of the horse's head, while breastplates are only used to prevent saddles from slipping back.

What is the purpose of a breastplate?

A breastplate is a piece of riding equipment that keeps the horse's saddle securely in place during a ride. Horses with large shoulders and flat ribcages often benefit from a breastplate that prevents the saddle from slipping further back. This piece of tack is also called a breast collar.

What does a martingale do?

A martingale provides additional control for the rider and influence's the horse's head carriage. This piece of equipment can prevent the horse from throwing his head and hitting the rider in the face.

What are the different types of martingales?

There are several different types of martingales. The three main styles of martingales include standing, running, and german martingales. Standing martingales attach a strap from the noseband to the girth through a breastplate to control head height.

A running martingale provides more freedom by running the reins through the rings of two y straps that attach to the breast collar, while a german martingale encourages the horse to flex at the poll and work in a frame.