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Hoof Boots

Hoof Boots for Horses

Hoof boots provide shock absorption and extra hoof protection for barefoot horses’ hooves without the need for shoes. Whether you’re using hoof boots while transitioning to barefoot, to support recovery, or for extra protection while trail riding, Corro offers a variety of styles from trusted brands.

From shock-absorbing and all-terrain styles for everyday use to hoof boots for shod horses who are transitioning to barefoot, we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the best hoof boots for your horse.

Hoof Boot Sizing

The best horse hoof boot brands offer several different sizes to suit all types of horses. Easyboots regular sizes tend to fit narrower hooves, typically thoroughbreds, while wide models suit heavier horses with rounder hooves.

Cavallo hoof boots come in a regular sole for a rounder hoof and a slim sole for a narrower fit. You can find more information on sizing from the brand size charts to find the best size hoof boot for your horse.

Best-Selling Hoof Boot Styles

Check out our best-selling recovery hoof boots and riding boots for horses.

Easycare Easyboot

Made for casual riders, EasyCare Easyboot Trail Original protective hoof boots are straightforward to put on and take off. Plus, the aggressive tread pattern and durable Cordura fabric ensure lasting protection for your horse's hooves.

Cavallo Simple Regular Sole Hoof Boots

​An excellent multi-purpose hoof boot, this set of Cavallo Simple Regular Sole Hoof Boots protects hooves on rough terrain or hard surfaces. An ideal choice for horses with chronic pain conditions or hoof sensitivity due to injuries or damage.

Cavallo Entry Level Regular Sole Hoof Boot

The Cavallo Entry Level Regular Sole Hoof Boot (ELB) is designed for horses new to hoof boot riding who only require boots on limited occasions. These boots are ideal for horses who need rehabilitation or therapeutic rest.

Cavallo Sport Regular Sole Hoof Boot

The Regular Sole Hoof Boot keeps hooves protected during lighter riding. These equine boots are lightweight with a sleek, low profile to support rounded hooves as wide as they are long. The leather exterior and interior conforms to the hoof shape over time for a great boot fit.

Horse Hoof Boots Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a horse wear hoof boots?

The length of time that hoof boots can stay on your horse's foot depends on the hoof care purpose of the hoof boots. Some recovery models designed for supporting laminitis and other hoof concerns have more robust velcro fastening and extra cushioning. Horses can wear these hoof boots for up to 23 hours before allowing the hoof to air out for at least 30 minutes per day.

Other models have a durable outsole and a secure fit to provide extra protection over challenging terrain for barefoot riding horses in the back country and should only be worn for short periods when needed.

Are hoof boots good for horses?

Hoof boots are a valuable horse care tool for hooves that need extra support. If you have a horse that struggles with hoof concerns such as abscesses or a weak hoof wall, talk to your farrier and veterinarian to determine if a hoof boot could be beneficial.

What are the best horse hoof boots for riding?

The Cavallo Simple Boot with a regular sole is a versatile hoof boot with excellent durability that can protect sensitive hooves while riding over rough terrain.

What are the benefits of hoof boots?

Hoof boots can benefit horses with many different types of shoeing, but they are especially beneficial for providing extra traction, protection, and cushioning for barefoot horses. If your horse wears shoes, keeping a pair of hoof boots like the Cavallo Trek in your tack trunk will ensure that you can keep your horse comfortable if he pulls a shoe.

How long does it take to break in hoof boots?

Horse owners should break in hoof boots gradually by starting with 15-20 minutes of use and increasing over time while monitoring horse & rider needs. If the hoof boots have leather at the heel bulb, a leather conditioner can help soften the material. Pastern wraps may also help prevent chafing during the break-in period.

Do horse hoof boots need to be fitted?

Hoof boots need to fit correctly. Poorly fitting hoof boots may rub your horse or disrupt his balance. Refer to the hoof boot size chart to determine which size is best for your horse, and remember that his front and hind feet may require different sizes.

Do horse hoof boots work?

Horse hoof boots can be incredibly effective for horses who need extra hoof support. A well-fitted pair of purpose-designed hoof boots can cushion sensitive soles, protect thin walls, and promote recovery from common hoof problems. If your horse has a specific hoof health care concern, talk to your veterinarian and farrier before using hoof boots.