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Ear Bonnets

Ear Bonnets For Horses

Ear bonnets are a valuable piece of horse tack for horses with sensitive ears. Fly bonnets protect the horse's ears from annoying insects and soundproof ear bonnets can help manage spookiness in horses that react to sounds. Keep reading to learn more about horse ear bonnets and horse tack.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Bonnets

What are ear bonnets for horses?

Ear bonnets are a piece of riding equipment worn under the bridle to cover the horse's ears. Also known as fly bonnets, this horse wear is commonly seen on horses in the show ring or in climates that have a large insect population.

Does my horse need an ear bonnet?

Your horse may need an ear bonnet if he shakes his head in response to flies around his ears while riding. Some fly bonnets can also help muffle noise to prevent overreactions from spooky horses in loud environments.

Are ear bonnets show legal?

Most ear bonnets are show legal, but horse earplugs are not. Show officials may check your horse's ears for hidden earplugs under a fly bonnet. Remember to check with your show organization to ensure your tack is legal.

Which horse ear bonnets are soundproof?

Most ear bonnets aren't completely soundproof, but some brands offer an ear bonnet that can help reduce sound. The EquiFit SilentFit Ear Bonnet is a popular soundproof ear bonnet for horses.