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Skin & Coat Supplements

Horse Skin & Coat Supplements

Support your horse's skin health and promote healthy hair growth with horse skin and coat supplements from Corro. Fill the gaps in your horse's diet with essential vitamins, minerals, and fats that help your horse bloom. Keep reading to find out the answers to top questions about horse coat health and shop liquid fat supplements for horses, flaxseed for horses, biotin for horses, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Equine Coat Supplements

What is the best supplement for a horse's coat?

There are a variety of different coat supplements available for horses. Look for formulas that contain omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, amino acids like methionine and lysine, omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin A, and other ingredients that support coat health.

How can I improve my horse's coat?

Feeding a proven equine skin supplement can help promote a healthy coat and healthy skin. In addition, electrolytes can replace missing minerals that contribute to overall horse health, and many hoof supplements also contain ingredients that support hair growth.

What can I give my horse for a shiny coat?

While shine sprays and shampoos can give your horse's coat a glossy finish, good coat condition starts from the inside out with your horse's diet. Feeding essential fatty acids and other fat sources like rice bran, flaxseed, and soybean meal will promote the production of natural oils that keep your horse's hair soft and shiny.

What supplement is good for horse skin?

Equine skin and coat supplements can support a healthy immune system and overall health in horses susceptible to skin conditions like sweet itch. Top brands of equine supplements include Farnam, Uckele, KER, and Life Data Labs. Many horse owners also recommend best-selling skin and coat supplements like Omega Horseshine, CocoSoya, and Farrier's Formula.

What is a horse coat supplement?

A horse coat supplement is a nutritional addition to horse feed that provides supportive ingredients to promote healthy skin, a shiny coat, and overall wellness. Some equine coat supplements have similar ingredients to hoof health and calming supplements.

What are the benefits of horse coat supplements?

Horse owners who start their horses on a coat supplement may notice more hair growth, a shiny coat, healthy weight gain, and better skin condition.