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Performance & Energy Supplements

Performance and Energy Supplements for Horses

Your horse's health and wellness relies on proper exercise, grooming, and most importantly, his diet. Horses need a balanced diet that may not come from hay and forage alone as many vitamins and minerals diminish as hay ages. Horse supplements fill those gaps.

Choosing the Best Horse Supplements

When deciding which equine supplements are suitable for your horse, always consult your veterinarian. Horses have different needs and many supplements, like selenium and vitamin E, must be dosed appropriately to be safe.

Narrowing down what your horse needs is the best place to start. Some supplements can support muscle recovery, while others encourage healthy weight gain. The management of pecific medical problems, like arthritis, may also warrant the extra support of certain supplements. You can use dietary supplements to support your horse's skin, hooves, overall health, and digestion.

Whether your horse is a backyard companion or a high-performance horse, every horse can benefit from proper supplementation.

Horse Supplement Ingredients for Overall Wellness

Equine supplements also support the day-to-day needs of your horse. Electrolytes replace calcium, magnesium, and salts lost in sweat. Hydration levels may improve after electrolytes are given and these supplements can also encourage water intake in winter. Horse owners can also provide their horse with free-choice salt from a salt lick.

Daily mineral supplements balance the missing pieces from a hay-only diet. In addition, many supplements offer digestive support to optimize nutrient absorption with antioxidants and probiotics. These serve to support the digestive acids and enzymes that help your horse digest meals in the hindgut.

Horses lacking shine might need some additional omega-3 fatty acids and flaxseed. Using these fats is a bonus for your horse's well-being as they provide extra calories and anti-inflammatory properties.

Horse Hoof Supplements and Equine Joint Supplements

For horses with challenging jobs and existing arthritis, your vet and farrier can help you develop a plan.

Hoof supplements target your horse's feet, but many ingredients like biotin and MSM also help skin and coat. These components strengthen the hoof wall from the inside out.

Joint supplements can comfort stressed joints and provide preventative joint support for your horse. These dietary aids support the collagen and joint health of horses. Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and amino acids are proven ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is also popular in chondroprotective formulas.

ASU is a newer ingredient on the market. Cosequin ASU is a joint health supplement leader, and this avocado and soybean-derived product is a best seller.

For long term supplementation, checkout products available on autoship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Supplements

What supplements are best for horses?

Every horse is an individual, and it's important to consult your veterinarian when supplementing your horse's diet. However, most horses can benefit from high-quality digestive supplements that support optimal gut health and balancers that provide any vitamins & minerals missing in their diet. Some performance horses may also need specific support from calming supplements, coat supplements, or weight gain supplements.

Do horse supplements really work?

Many popular horse supplements provide effective support for a variety of horse health concerns. When selecting supplements, look for formulas from proven brands like Farnam, Manna Pro, Absorbine, Nutramax, Finish Line, Uckele, Corta-flx, Vita Flex, Redmond, and Probios.

Are horse supplements a waste of money?

Consulting with your veterinarian about which supplements could benefit your horse can help ensure that you don't waste money on products your horse doesn't need. You can also test a 30-day supply of the supplement to ensure that your horse responds positively.

What supplements are bad for horses?

Only feed your horse supplements from trusted animal health brands after consulting with your team of horse care professionals.

What is the best way to feed a horse?

Supplements can be beneficial for horses, but you can't supplement your way out of a bad diet. Feed your horse a balanced diet based on high-quality free-choice forage and use supplements and grain to provide additional support or fill in the gaps.

What is the best horse supplement?

The best horse supplement depends on your horse's needs. Nervous dressage horses may benefit from calming ingredients like thiamine and gastric support from prebiotics while a horse with poor feet living in a sandy environment might need hoof care supplements and sand-clearing psyllium in his diet.

What is the best way to administer horse supplements?

Top-dressing your horse's grain is generally the best way to administer horse supplements. If your horse chews his grain while avoiding countless scoops of supplement crumbles, consider wetting his feed to form a mash. Liquid supplements can also be administered in a syringe directly into a picky horse's mouth.

Are horse supplements good for the environment?

Just like human supplements, some horse supplements are better for the environment than others. Read the ingredient label and research the manufacturing process of any horse supplements you consider to determine environmental impact.

What are the side effects of horse supplements?

Most proven horse supplements are safe to use with minimal side effects. To learn more about the potential side effects of a specific product, visit the manufacturer's website for more information.