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Feed & Water Buckets

Hay Feeders and Buckets for Horses

Horse buckets, hay feeders, rubber pans, and feed scoops are essential horse care items. Slow feeders like hay nets and hay bags can encourage horses to eat free choice forage throughout the day while promoting a healthy weight. Feeding your horse's grain in a bucket or pan keeps feed off the ground and ensures that your horse eats all his supplements, while water buckets allow horse owners to monitor water intake.

Whether you need a heated water bucket to get through winter, a salt lick holder, stall corner feeder, rubber pan, or trailer feeder, Corro has you covered. Shop top brands like Better Bucket, Little Giant, Fortiflex, Horsemen's Pride, Farm Innovators, Miller Manufacturing, Professional's Choice, and more. Plus, keep reading to learn about common questions when choosing the best bucket for your horse.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Buckets

How big should a horse water bucket be?

The standard flatback bucket used for horses holds about 5 gallons of water. However, it is essential that your horse always has access to fresh water, whether you use a plastic bucket, automatic waterer, or water trough. Monitor your horse's water intake to determine how much water he needs based on how often you refill his waterer.

What is a horse bucket?

Feed and water buckets hold water and feed for horses to consume. Horse owners may use pails, Fortiflex pans, fence feeders, corner feeders, or other horse feeders to keep horse feed off the ground and ensure their horse always has access to water.

What is a feed bucket?

A feed bucket holds horse feed for mealtime or feed room preparation. Horse owners often use a feed scoop with feed buckets to measure their horse's ration.

How do you hang a horse bucket?

There are several ways to hang a horse bucket safely. Some buckets have a bucket top designed to hook over fences and stall walls, while others fit in bucket holders or on bucket hangers, bucket straps, and bucket hooks.

What is the purpose of a horse bucket?

Horse buckets and feeders have a variety of uses around the barn. Some buckets are ideal for holding water, salt blocks, supplements, or grain, while other feeders and rubber feed pans can be used for hay, chopped hay, or hay cubes. Heated water buckets and horse bucket heaters are also helpful for promoting hydration in cold weather. Large buckets can be used for feed or as muck buckets.

What should a horse feed bucket be made out of?

Horse buckets are made with a variety of different materials, including plastic, fortex, rubber, and more.

What is the best way to store a horse bucket?

Most horse buckets stack neatly for organized storage. In addition, storing horse buckets upside down helps prevent the accumulation of debris in the bucket.

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