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Hay feeders for horses

The benefits of slow feeding hay for horse health

The primary premise of equine nutrition and feeding hay is that horses eat their daily amount of hay like a wild horse would - as a grazer. Slow feed hay nets mimic the foraging habits of pastured horses and simulate grazing in a horse barn setting. This is best for your horse's digestive system and his mind. 

On the horse farm, using slow feeding systems for feeding horses reduces wasted hay and keeps your barn and paddocks tidy. All slow feeders for horses can accommodate legume hays and grass hays.

Slow hay feeders are available in various sizes. Mini-nets in horse trailers make for easy travels, and smaller hay nets can hold a few flakes. Some designs secure more, from a whole bale hay feeder and even slow feeding nets that cover round bale hay entirely. The large round bale feeders and outdoor hay feeders are so large that horses and small livestock can share them.

The best slow feeders

Inside the horse barn, use horse hay feeders in different ways. Wall hay feeders are collapsible frames, like a heavy-duty hay basket, that hang on the wall to support a hay net. Crafty equestrians can also use slow feed hay bags in mangers to hold small square bales.

For an outside hay feeder for horses, the styles vary. Large and long hay racks can accommodate an entire bale of hay and reduce waste falling to the ground like typical grain feeders. Ideally, there is a roof or cover to keep hay dry outside of the barn to help horse owners save money with less hay waste.

For the horseman with DIY skills, craft wooden pallets into a bale feeder for horses or small animals on the farm. A simple project creates a box to contain a hay net.

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