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Horse Licks

Horse Licks and Salt Blocks

Horse licks and salt blocks can provide free-choice access to essential minerals and prevent boredom. Shop horse licks from Likit and Uncle Jimmy or salt blocks on a rope from Redmond Equine and Horseman's Pride. Keep reading to find out if your horse needs a salt block or horse lick.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Licks

Does my horse need a salt lick?

Every horse should have free-choice access to water, forage, and the salt lick. Unlike other minerals, horses have an identifiable craving for sodium when they are deficient.

Should I feed my horse salt?

Sodium is an essential mineral for horses and it is vital to provide adequate amounts of mineral salt in the equine diet. Horse owners can provide their horses with a salt block, free-choice loose salt, or add salt to their horse's feed.

What is the purpose of a salt lick for horses?

A salt lick offers horses free-choice access to sodium and other minerals. It can also help alleviate boredom and encourage hydration.

What is the best salt block for horses?

There are several different kinds of salt blocks for horses, including white salt blocks, red salt blocks, Himalayan rock salt licks, and Redmond Rock. Many horses prefer the taste of pink Himalayan salt and Redmond rock sea salt to traditional animal salt licks. Redmond Rock also contains trace minerals as natural minerals like calcium, phosphorus, copper, and zinc.

Does my horse need electrolytes if he has a salt lick?

Some horses may not consume enough sodium from a salt lick alone. Adding electrolytes can ensure that horses get enough salt in their diet and provide additional vital trace minerals like magnesium and potassium.

Are Likits bad for horses?

Likits are safe for horses in moderation. However, these horse licks do contain high amounts of sugar that might not be suitable for horses with certain health concerns. Hang your Likit in a location where your horse cannot pin it down to encourage slow consumption.