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Fly Traps & Baits

Dealing with flies, and flying insects, comes with owning horses. Skip the DIY pest control remedies and checkout what Corro has to offer. We put together a collection of horse fly traps to combat a wide selection of flying insects. These insects include biting flies, yellow flies, greenheads, tabanids, deer flies, house flies, fruit fly, and female horse flies.

Common forms of barn pest control include zappers, fly bait, and fly spray to reduce horse fly populations and horse fly bites.

Here are some of our favorite Starbar products: 

  • Starbar Trap 'N Toss Disposable Fly Trap - This insecticide-free trap comes with a non-toxic attractant to provide relief from flies, gnats, and other annoying insects. Simply toss dead flies in a collection bin when full.
  • Starbar Fly Relief Disposable Fly Trap - This mess-free trap comes complete with a built-in attractant to effectively catch thousands of flies in the barn, ranch, and even outside by your swimming pool. Simply toss dead flies in a collection bin when full. 
  • Starbar Bite Free Stable Fly Trap - An insecticide-free solution to the barn and stable flies, the starbar Bite Free Stable Fly Trap uses an adhesive surface to trap flies before they can bite your horses. Traps work without insecticides or strong aromas.
  • Starbar EZ Fly Trap - Safe for use inside and out, the Starbar EZ Fly Trap effectively traps flies without harmful chemicals, insecticides, or odors. Safe to use inside and outside, and can be used around a swimming pool.

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