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Fly Spray, Wipes, & Topicals

Effective Fly Spray for Horses

Learn about flies for the most effective fly control!

It's important to know which insects and flies are in your area to find the best possible fly spray.

Stable flies and house flies are practically the same in size and annoyance. They look alike, and stable flies are obligate blood-feeders and the primary reason why they are attracted to horses and cattle.

The horsefly is a member of the Tabanidae family, as are the deer flies. Both are huge, persistent, and also feed on a horse's blood. The horn fly is also a Tabanidae family member, feeding on blood on an animal's belly. Horn flies will target cattle, primarily, but horses are not out of the question. 

Gnats and face flies are the opposite end of the size spectrum - relatively small. Many gnats, also called midges, feed on blood. Face flies feed on saliva. 

Fly spray ingredients for fly control

Pyrethrins are a group of chemicals derived from the chrysanthemum flower. Insects rarely stand a chance, as pyrethrins are an insecticide that attacks the nervous system of pesky, biting insects. They work as knockdown agents, creating paralysis, causing the flying insects to fall. Most will perish. 

Permethrin is an example of a synthetic compound that acts like pyrethrins and often extends a fly spray's effectiveness. You may also find essential oils, such as lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus, as ingredients.

The best brands of fly sprays

Corro carries a variety of traditional topical water-based, oil-based and natural aerosol fly sprays and wipes. 

Pyranha and Pyranha Wipe N - These pyrethrin-based insecticides have bonus ingredients, like lanolin and citronella. Lanolin is a coat conditioner, and citronella is a pleasant and insect repelling aroma. Apply by spray bottle or wiping on with a cloth. 

Absorbine Ultrashield Ex - The Ultrashield line of products is long-lasting, up to two weeks. The formula is water and sweat-resistant, too. Absorbine’s popular Green Natural Repellant is loaded with seven essential oils including lemongrass to repel flies and other pests. 

Farnam Bronco - This fly spray is formulated to apply with a spray bottle and includes citronella scent. You can also use Bronco as a premise spray around the barn. 

Farnam Equi-spot - For tick and mosquito control, consider this spot-on product. Dab a few drops over your horse to protect him for two weeks. It's permethrin-based for maximum protection against ticks.

Ecovet - this unique fly spray is fatty acid-based. Some flies are attracted to smells, and the Ecovet masks the unique chemical markers that horses give off. 

Espree Aloe Herbal Horse Spray - Corro’s top-rated natural fly repellent by Manna Pro is a gentle alternative to harsh equine fly sprays. It contains aloe and sunscreen to soothe sensitive skin. This easy-to-use and non-irritating formula is tough on pests but easy on your horse's skin and coat.

Farnam Repel-X Insecticide and Repellent - This popular water-based formula has been used to kill and repel flies, ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes since 1957. A powerful insect repellent effective against a variety of biting flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and ticks that contains lanolin to condition your horse's coat.

Farnam Tri-Tec 14 Fly Repellent - One of Corro’s new products, this water-based repellent kills flies and pests without irritating your horse's skin and contains sunscreen as a safeguard against harmful UV rays.

How to apply repellent sprays to your horse

Not all horses appreciate a sprayer. It is best to apply fly spray to spooky horses by spritzing a cloth with your preferred product and rubbing the face. Fly repellent lotions, spot treatments, and even wipes or roll-on bottles are available. Wipes and cloths are best for safely applying products to a horse's face. 

Horse owners with barn dogs and cats, take note! Some fly spray ingredients are dangerous to dogs and cats. Do not spray your pets and wash your hands after working with your horse. 

Alternative Fly Control Methods

Fly masks, sheets and boots are a wonderful way to further shield your horse from insects. Country Vet Automatic Flying Insect Control Kit is one of Corro’s best-sellers dispensers that delivers a continuous spray every 15 minutes to keep your area effectively pest-free.

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