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Fly Sheets

Fly Sheets for Horses

Invest in the best protection this fly season with a high-quality fly sheet that prevents bugs from biting your horse and uv rays from bleaching his coat. If you're considering adding a fly sheet to your horse's wardrobe of coolers and horse blankets, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of fly sheets and how to choose the best one for your horse.

Choosing the Best Fly Sheet for Your Horse

Top equestrian fly protection brands include Weatherbeeta, Rambo, Horze, Kensington, Mio, Shires, Tuffrider, Bucas, and Cashel. At Corro, you can find a variety of fly sheets, including best sellers like the Weatherbeeta Comfitec Airflow and the Rambo Protector Fly Buster.

The surcingles on some fly sheets may differ from most horse blankets by including a belly band or belly wrap that protects the horse's sensitive stomach from insects. Many fly sheets also include a detachable neck cover to provide greater coverage than a standard neck fly sheet. Unlike detach-a-neck fly sheets, combo neck fly sheets feature neck pieces that function like a hoody and cannot be removed.

Secure leg straps ensure that the fly sheet won't slip, while a large tail flap offers extra protection. Fly sheets are available in all standard horse blanket sizes, including pony fly sheets. If you need additional fly control, checkout feed-through fly supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Fly Sheets

Should horses wear fly sheets?

A flysheet is a valuable addition to your horse's wardrobe. If your horse lives in an area with a large population of flying insects in the summer, a fly sheet can help protect his skin and coat from bites and irritation. Fly sheets can also provide UV protection from the sun and can be worn in hot weather thanks to breathable materials and good airflow.

Do fly sheets protect against horse flies?

Fly sheets protect horses from most biting insects, including horse flies. A fly sheet prevents flies from landing anywhere on your horse when used together with a neck cover, fly mask, and fly boots.

Do fly sheets keep horses clean?

When it's too warm to use horse blankets outside, a fly sheet can help keep the dust and dirt out of your horse's coat, saving grooming time and keeping your horse clean. A summer sheet can also help but may trap more warmth on hot days.

How do horse fly sheets work?

Fly rugs are made of a comfy mesh that keeps horses cool while preventing flies from reaching your horse's skin. The Horseware Ireland No-Fly Zone line features fabric treated with insect-repellents that work like fly spray. Other fly sheets, like the Amigo Evolution Fly Sheet and Zebra Fly Sheets, use unique colors difficult for flies to see.

What are the benefits of horse fly sheets?

Fly sheets help keep your horse's coat in optimal condition by preventing insect bites, guarding against dirt, and reflecting UV rays that may cause coat bleaching. Wearing a fly sheet also limits the risk of skin conditions from biting insects like sweet itch.

What is the purpose of fly sheets?

A flysheet keeps your horse comfortable and protected during fly season by preventing irritation caused by biting insects.

Do fly sheets protect horses from other insects?

High-quality protective fly sheet brands protect horses from a variety of insects, including black flies, horse flies, mosquitos, gnats, and more.

What materials are used to make fly sheets?

Most fly sheets use a breathable dura-mesh material which may or may not be treated with insect repellent. Some brands like Kool Coat also use materials similar to light turnout sheets and scrims. The best material for your horse will depend on your climate and how much he sweats.