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Fly Masks

Horse Fly Masks

Horses in the wild have a natural defense system against flies. That system includes the forelock, Mane n Tail, and access to mud to roll in. On the other hand, our domesticated equines are often trimmed and cleaned, reducing their natural protection. Furthermore, manure piles and wet bedding provide breeding areas for flies, resulting in domesticated horses often suffering from much higher fly populations than their wild relatives. Outside of the standard fly spray, other important fly protections to consider, such as a fly mask, fly sheets or fly boots.

When using fly masks, it is important to keep them clean and dry to prevent irritation and rubbing. Most fly masks are made of a lightweight mesh and are fastened by hook and loop closures. Darts or a raised mesh area keep the mask away from the horse's eyes, and mesh ear covers or ear bonnets prevent insects from getting into the horse's ears. 

Styles of Horse Fly Masks

At Corro, we offer many brands and styles of fly masks. From the standard cut fly masks, going around the ears and fastening under the chin, to models that cover the nose and ears, as well as fly veils and nose fringe to deter flies while riding, we have fly masks for nearly every shape and size of horse's head.

Cashel supplies several types of fly masks, each with a patented hole for the forelock. The Cashel Crusader Standard Fly Mask comes in a neutral grey color and many sizes, including foal, yearling, and draft horse. The Cashel Crusader has ear nets and also comes in a long nose style. The Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask comes in three sizes and is designed to be worn over the bridle or headstall while riding but is not meant to hold up to pasture use. 

Farnam's signature Supermask series is designed for horses that tend to remove and lose their masks. The Farnam Supermask II has a secure double latch and a fleece trim and is meant to protect horses' eyes from insects, dust, and debris both while riding and while turned out. 

Horseware Ireland manufactures fly masks in their Amigo and Rambo lines. The Rambo Plus fly mask has ear nets, a detachable nose, and has fleece padding, designed with your horse's comfort in mind. The Horseware Ireland Amigo fly mask comes in four sizes, including small pony and cob with bright electric blue or plum. 

Kensington offers multiple styles of fly masks in a traditional plaid. 

A Few Things to Consider When Buying a Fly Mask for Your Horse

- Design: The Kensington Fly Mask w/web trim offers plentiful ear and forelock space and provides UV protection. While the Kensington Uviator blocks up to 90% of UV rays and doubles as a halter, the deluxe version offers ear nets or ear bonnets and a nose cover. 

Providing a dual level of protection, the Manna Pro Opti-Force fly mask is treated with insect repellent. This mask also provides a wide range of vision with its signature Clear View Vision mesh. The Manna Pro fly mask comes in two sizes, standard horse and warmblood or extra-large. 

Made of lycra-type nylon, the Weatherbeeta Stretch Bug Eye Saver is designed to allow your horse to see comfortably, with a large raised breathable mesh area to prevent irritation to the horse's eyes. This mask also has ear bonnets to prevent the ears from ticks and other insects. 

Here at Corro, we are no strangers to the struggles of equestrian life, the fly season included. That is why we offer all of the fly control products you need, from fly repellents to modern and classic fly mask styles. Many stable supplies from Corro are autoship eligible, saving you 40% with the first delivery and 5% on future deliveries. Autoship customers are also eligible for special program rewards and surprises. 

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