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Turnout Blankets & Sheets

Turnout Blankets & Sheets for Horses

A turnout sheet is a foundational part of your horse's wardrobe. These turnout blankets provide a waterproof and windproof layer to protect your horse from outdoor elements without adding too much warmth in mild temperatures.

Even unclipped horses may have difficulty maintaining their body temperature in wet and windy conditions. Stay prepared with turnout sheets from Corro and keep reading to learn more about turnout sheets for horses.

Choosing the Best Turnout Sheet for Your Horse

Horse turnout sheets come in a variety of styles. Popular horse blanket brands include Horseware Ireland, Amigo Bravo, Rambo, Shires, Horze, Mio, Saxon, Bucas, Tuffrider, and Weatherbeeta Comfitec.

While all turnout sheets are designed for mild temperatures, the neck style may provide extra warmth and protection. Some turnout sheets come with a detachable or combo neck cover, which is ideal for keeping your horse's entire body dry in rainy conditions. Other styles feature a high neck, like the Rhino Wug.

Although turnout sheets aren't as warm as other turnout blankets, they are not as breathable as fly sheets and should not be used in warm conditions. If your horse does sweat in his sheet, make sure to change him into a cooler until he dries.

Other features to consider when shopping for a turnout sheet include gussets that allow for shoulder freedom, the type of leg straps, and the strength of ripstop material for destructive horses. In addition, these sheets are often available in multiple colors and designs, such as plaid.

Frequently Asked Questions About Turnout Sheets and Blankets

What is a turnout sheet for a horse?

A turnout sheet is a waterproof blanket for horses that has no fill. Heavy weight and medium weight horse turnout blankets have insulation to add warmth in colder conditions, but the turnout sheet only provides a barrier from wind, rain, and mild temperature. Unlike stable blankets, lite turnout sheets are suitable for use outside.

What are Turnout sheets for?

Horse turnout sheets protect from wind and rain without adding too much warmth. Horse owners use a waterproof turnout sheet to keep horses dry in wet conditions, provide light heat in mildly chilly conditions, or as a top layer when layering blankets for colder weather.

When should you use a rain sheet on a horse?

Choosing the correct blanket for your horse depends on several environmental factors, as well as your horse's individual needs. For example, clipped horses require more blanketing than unclipped horses, and some individuals may run hot or cold.

A rain sheet is suitable for keeping your horse dry in rainy conditions under 60 degrees. Many horses also wear a turnout sheet in dry conditions from 45 to 55 degrees. In colder temperatures, choose a blanket with fill.

What is the difference between a horse blanket and a sheet?

A horse blanket contains insulation, while a sheet has no fill. Therefore, turnout sheets may be referred to as 0g light blankets, with other weights of blanket containing 50g-450g of filling.

What are horse sheets for?

Horse sheets provide an extra layer of warmth in mild conditions. Stable sheets help keep horses clean inside, while turnout sheets feature a waterproof outer with a durable denier for outdoor use.

What is a horse blanket for?

A horse blanket keeps horses warm and protected in cold conditions. These blankets come in different weights depending on the amount of insulation they contain, with medium blankets containing moderate amounts of fill suitable for most winter weather and heavy blankets having the most filling to provide adequate warmth in subfreezing temperatures.

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