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Horse Bathing Supplies

A complete bathing kit of horse bathing supplies makes bath time simple so you can keep your horse looking and feeling his best. Keep reading to find out the answers to commonly asked questions about bathing horses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Horse Bathing

What can I use to bathe my horse?

A horse bathing kit should include a sweat scraper, curry comb, horse shampoo, tail conditioners, horse bathing mitt, tail detangler, a cooler, scrubber tools, a bucket, and a bathing tote.

How do you give a horse a full bath?

A full bath can leave your horse spotless, but bathing too often will strip your horse's coats of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy. Before bath time, use horse grooming tools to remove stubborn mud and detangle hair. Begin by wetting the horse's entire body with warm water before applying horse bathing products and rinsing thoroughly.

How do you bathe a horse for a show?

Most horse owners bathe their horses before equestrian shows to make a good impression in the show ring. When braiding, it's vital to remember not to wash your horse's mane, as some shampoos can make the hair slippery. Keep hair polish and spot remover on hand for any last-minute touch-ups.

When should you not bathe a horse?

Horses that live outside rely on natural oils to protect their coat, and should only receive baths sparingly.

Do horses need a special shampoo?

While some human shampoos are okay to use on horses, others may contain irritating ingredients. Opt for shampoos made specifically for horses instead.

What is the best way to wash a horse's face?

Some horses do not like having their head hosed. Instead of spraying your horse's head with water, use a wet sponge to gently clean their face. If you use shampoo, use a gentle brand that won't irritate their eyes, and take care to rinse as thoroughly as possible with a clean sponge.

What is the best type of shampoo for a horse?

Popular brands of shampoo for horses include Absorbine, Vetrolin, Epona, Cowboy Magic, Roma, and Mane 'n Tail.

What do you use to clean your horse's hooves?

Excess moisture can damage hooves, so consider protecting your horse's feet with a water-repellent oil before bathing your horse. A hoof pick is the best tool for cleaning hooves, but some brands also offer special hoof care cleaners and hoof brushes.

What can happen if you don't bathe a horse?

While too many baths can dry your horse's coat, infrequent bathing can contribute to fungal and bacterial skin conditions.

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