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Cavallo Horse & Rider offers a wide range of products including high-quality hoof boots and saddle pads. Cavallo hoof boots are a great option for a barefoot horse who needs a little more protection or specialty hoof care. Hoof boots can be also be worn over horseshoes, with great results.

Best-Selling Cavallo Products

Cavallo Trek boot: The trek boot is designed to protect the horse's hoof and the hoof wall. This can be used as a riding boot in dirt rings and on trails. 

Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot: This is an excellent choice for horses with chronic pain conditions or hoof sensitivity due to injuries or damage.

Cavallo Entry Level Hoof Boot: The Cavallo entry level is designed with drainage slots to keep your horse's hooves protected from damage caused by dirt and debris. This makes it another great option for a riding boot.

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