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Using Gymnastics To Prepare For The Show Ring With US Showjumper Quentin Judge

By Caroline Cochran

Quentin Judge is a professional rider based in Ridgefield, Connecticut and Wellington, Florida at the world-class Double H Farm. After working with the biggest names in the sport for years, Quentin has made a name for himself in the showjumping arena with multiple top finishes on Nations Cup teams.

To get an inside look at what makes the international competitor's training program so successful, we visited Double H Farm to find out how Quentin Judge uses gymnastics to prepare for the show ring. Check out the video and keep reading to learn more.


Top Tips From Quentin Judge

  • Riders at all levels benefit from following a consistent system that is predictable and based on sound training principles, no matter what height they're jumping.
  • Horse fitness is essential for preventing injury and promoting faster recovery. Galloping work, flatwork, trot sets, interval training, and water treadmill are valuable components of a fitness program.
  • Give yourself time as a rider to make mistakes, learn from them, and give the same opportunity to your horse.
  • Gymnastic work allows you to focus on correcting the basics without repeatedly jumping courses in training, promoting better longevity and soundness.
  • Gymnastics helps the rider learn how to regulate the horse and manage the many challenges found on a jump course.
  • The end goal with gymnastics is to always set the horse up for success by starting small and gradually building confidence.
  • Your horse needs to be light to your leg, willing to go forward, and able to come back quickly without a lot of tension in its body.

The Golden Rule: Put Your Horse First

"Putting the horse's health, soundness, and wellbeing first is truly paramount to getting the results you want in the ring. It's important to know your horse, do what makes them happy, and they'll compete for you better. "

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