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Supplements for Rescue Horses: Extra Support for Equines in Need

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By Jessica Konopinski

Rescuing a horse can be such a rewarding experience. But bringing a new rescue horse into your life can also a stressful. Rescue horses often come with several issues, both internal and external. Not to mention all the behavioral problems rescue horses may have from past trauma.

While hard work, consistency, and patience are a must when dealing with these types of horses, sometimes there is only so much you can do to still end up with less than desired results.  So whether you are looking for a way to support healthy joints, weight gain, or calm behavior, we put together a list of four categories of supplements that are sure to “glow up” your rescue horse in no time.


Weight and Muscle Support

When we picture a rescue horse, we often picture a malnourished, underweight, and underdeveloped equine in need. While this is an unfortunate and quite devastating reality, the good news is that there are tons of products out there that can quite quickly reverse these conditions and give us quite impressive results.

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Horse Calming and Behavioral Supplements

Wouldn't things be easier if our horses could talk to us? Unfortunately, many new owners have no idea what their rescue horses have experienced. If you’ve dealt with a rescue horse before, you know that it’s challenging to help a horse overcome past trauma.

That's why taking the time to observe your rescue horse’s behavior both on the ground and under saddle is critical, especially when it comes to noticing patterns, triggers, and areas of uncertainty. Whether your rescue horse is known to be highly anxious while traveling or needs some extra comfort daily, equine calming and behavioral supplements serve as a great option if you are looking for a little additional support.

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Joint Health Supplements

Not only are joint health supplements an excellent option for horses who have already developed joint pain, but they can also serve as a great preventative measure for high activity levels or performance horses.

Joint health supplements can vary tremendously based on the target area, concerns, and ingredients. A variety of options allows owners to find the best formulas for the unique needs of their rescue horses.

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Skin and Coat Supplements

Who doesn’t love a shiny coat? While this is more of an aesthetic approach, ensuring that your rescue horse has healthy skin and coat is vital in improving or preventing unwanted conditions. If your rescue horse has old skin conditions from neglect, providing them with supportive ingredients that provide relevant vitamins, minerals and proteins can help them recover.

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Extra Support for Rescue Horses

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