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Organic Gut Solution: The Carbon-Based Digestive Aid for Happy Horses and a Healthy Planet

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By Caroline Cochran

Founders Carl and Christine DiPiazza's journey to developing Organic Gut Solution began with a desire to find a better way to support the health of their own horses. After decades of caring for horses throughout her career as a professional trainer, Christine became frustrated by persistent digestive problems that seemed to lack an effective remedy.

But when it came time for her upper-level eventing mounts to slow down, Christine felt compelled to do everything she could to give her horses a comfortable retirement.

"I owed them everything, and they owed me nothing."

Passionate about giving back to the horses that gave her everything and determined to find an affordable solution, Carl and Christine spent the next six years researching and perfecting their own formula for supporting horses with gut issues that nothing else seemed to help.


Responsibility for their Horses and Environment

At the time, the couple ran their business out of a farm at the head of the Brandywine River in Pennsylvania. They felt a strong responsibility for preserving the local ecosystem and ensuring that everything used on the farm was as natural as possible.

Drawing from his background knowledge of plants, Carl set out to create a natural product that allowed animals to benefit from recent breakthroughs in soil nutrition.

"We worked with nutritionists and scientists to develop a simple product that is completely natural and unique."

The resulting product featured a formula composed mainly of organic bio-carbon, which can pull contaminants out both your horse's digestive tract and the environment.

An Innovative Breakthrough

Carl and Christine first recognized the full potential of the unique product after experiencing complete transformations in their own animals who tried it. One remarkable case involved their young collie, who at 11 months old suffered from severe food allergies and vomiting, even on prescription dog food.

After exhausting all options trying to help their dog, the DiPiazza's tried giving him their first formula. The collie happily ate it, and his vomiting immediately stopped, only recurring when he came off the product. Today, he is still thriving on Organic Gut Solution at nine years old.

Similar results followed when they introduced the product to their own horses. Hard keepers gained weight, skin conditions cleared, and competition horses who previously lived on omeprazole became more comfortable. Horses of all ages transformed on the product.

"We realized there was a direct connection between the brain and the gut. Horses with optimal gut health become calmer, and performance horses stay focused. We felt like we were really on to something."

How Organic Gut Solution Works

Organic Gut Solution stands out in a crowded market of equine digestive supplements with simple ingredients that support the entire gastrointestinal tract. The carbon-based formula works by flushing out harmful bacteria and optimizing pH levels, allowing the good bacteria in your horse's gut to flourish.

Daily use of Organic Gut Solution promotes a healthy microbiome and optimizes nutrient absorption, which may even help other supplements work better. While conventional gastric supplements alter the function of the digestive tract, this formula simply supports the optimal function of the entire digestive system.

Most horse owners experience quicker results using this unique approach to gut health. While many popular digestive aids recommend a loading dose and only have a noticeable effect after prolonged use, the first serving of Organic Gut Solution makes its way through the GI tract and produces positive results within 72 hours.

"Our dog reacted in 24 hours. We can confidently say that you're going to see improvement in a very short period of time."

Creating Success Stories

The founders of Organic Gut Solution frequently hear success stories from customers who tried their product in a last-ditch effort when nothing else helped their horses, only to experience a total transformation in their horse within the first two days.

"We get calls every day from people who can't believe how much the product helped horses who have been struggling with digestive issues for their entire life. People are shocked at how effective our product is, how affordable it is, and how easy it is to feed."

Carl and Christine stress that their product is more than just a digestive aid. It's a wellness product. By optimizing gut function and nutrient absorption, this daily supplement supports the entire horse to create a healthy, happy athlete.

"It may help fix an existing problem right away, but the longer the horse owners use it, the more improvement they notice in the horse's overall wellbeing."

The founders of Organic Gut Solution recommend the product for all horses in every age group. However, they get the most feedback from owners of senior horses who notice a significant difference in their older four-legged friends who they know inside and out. It is also ideal for supporting performance horses dealing with the stress of competitions.

The company even offers species-specific formulas for a wide variety of animals.

"Many people want to try it on all of their other animals after having success with their horses."

Making a Difference

Organic Gut Solution isn't just making a difference for individual horses. Carl and Christine are also fiercely devoted to their mission to make the world a better place for every living thing. The green-focused company has a carbon-neutral manufacturing process and offers products that help pull contaminants out of the environment.

"Everything we do, we try to make environmentally friendly. Creating this product makes more energy than it uses, which was a big concern of ours. There has to be a greater benefit than a cost."

A Supplement for All Horses

As the source for all things horse, Corro is proud to partner with Organic Gut Solution and carry their supplement developed to support all horses. To learn more about this innovative company making the world a better place one horse at a time, check out their website and shop for Organic Gut Solution on Corro.

OGS Equine Organic Gut Solution

With just a few simple, natural ingredients, Organic Gut Solution daily supplement optimizes digestive tract pH levels to help your horse feel better and perform their best. By flushing out bad bacteria and eliminating acids that cause gastrointestinal upset, OGS allows good bacteria to flourish to normalize stool, fight infection, improve nutrient absorption, and ultimately reduce anxiety and help your horse maintain a healthier emotional balance.

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