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Corro Stories

Meet The Compton Cowboys & How They're Supporting Their Community Through Horseback Riding

By Riesa Lakin

Corro has partnered with NOËLLE FLOYD to share the stories behind members of the Compton Cowboys, an organization on a mission to support inner-city youth and their community through horseback riding, and to combat negative stereotypes about African-Americans in the Los Angeles-area city of Compton.

The Compton Cowboys are a collective of lifelong friends in Compton, California who seek to uplift their community through horse riding and farming, while highlighting the rich legacy of African-Americans in equine and western heritage.


Image courtesy of NOËLLE FLOYD

The team at NOËLLE FLOYD recently took a trip to Compton, California to meet the Compton Cowboys. While many may have heard of them or seen the impact they've had on their community, what you may not be as familiar with are the incredible stories behind the men and women who have dedicated their lives to creating a positive impact on the people and community around them.

NOËLLE FLOYD in partnership with Corro share a deep dive into their personal stories, passions, the unbreakable bond they share with their animals, and the transformative power of horses. Here are their stories:

Meet Anthony Harris

Anthony Harris is the ranch manager and a member of the Compton Cowboys for over 11 years. Anthony grew up around horses, but they came back into his life when he needed them the most. Horses not only saved his life, but they fuel his passion for supporting the youth in his area. Watch his story above.

Stay tuned as we release more stories from members of the Compton Cowboys, coming soon!

Want To Support The Compton Cowboys?

The hours are long and the work can be tough, but the Compton Cowboys show up each and every day - no matter what. To support their work as well as their beautiful horses, Corro recently donated brand new leather halters with custom name tags to show our appreciation. We'd like to extend the ability to support the Compton Cowboys by inviting you to donate essential horse care products and barn supplies by purchasing from their list here:

All products purchased through this program will be sent directly to the Compton Cowboys to help them continue to provide top care for their equine friends and manage their farm operations. We hope you'll consider donating to this inspiring organization.

Donate Horse Care Supplies to the Compton Cowboys

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