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Show Your Horse Some Love with These Homemade Horse Treat Recipes

By Riesa Lakin

Every day should be horse appreciation day, but if you’re looking for an extra special way to show your horse just how much you love them, why not make them a delicious treat? Don’t get me wrong, Stud Muffins and Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Balls are staples at my barn. But as I’ve been quarantining, I’ve found a renewed love for making all sorts of delicious treats in my kitchen, so why not give it a go by whipping up something yummy for my horse?

Here are five recipes that I’ve made or plan to make for my horse to keep him fat and happy!


Image courtesy of My Equestrian Style.

This recipe is from our friend, Bethany Lee, of My Equestrian Style. She made these delicious treats with her student, Raina Swani. These look and taste (as observed by how much my horse enjoyed eating them) delicious. My only recommendation/warning is that you label them as horse treats because they look so good that anyone will want to eat these—and they can, but then that’s less deliciousness for your favorite four-legged friend! Click here for the recipe.

Image courtesy of Boots ‘N’ Bridles.

I found this recipe on Boots ‘N’ Bridles and instantly loved it by how simple it was and the fact that it only required 6-7 ingredients. My apartment has a small kitchen so this was easy to whip up! Click here for the recipe.

Image courtesy of DIY Horse Ownership.

I recently discovered DIY Horse Ownership’s DIY Easter Egg Horse Treats and these are SO CUTE! I can’t wait to give these a try. Not only do these look awesome, but Olivia (the founder of DIY Horse Ownership) has so many other cute recipe ideas. Scroll through her blog and I promise you’ll find something fun to make for your horse and barn mates (they are so pretty, they’ll make great gifts regardless of the occasion). Click here for the recipe.

Image courtesy of Budget Equestrian.

Cake pops are a human favorite, and now this cake pop recipe is sure to be your horse’s new favorite treat! They’re so cute looking and are perfect if you're feeling crafty! I found this recipe on Budget Equestrian, but the original recipe is courtesy of Olivia from DIY Horse Ownership. Click here to get the recipe.

Image courtesy of Case of Horse Addiction.

These look DELICIOUS and FUN! I’m not one to pass up anything with sprinkles, so these pop tarts, macarons, croissants, and donuts by Zia via Case Of Horse Addiction are on the top of my list to make next for my horse. I love getting creative in the kitchen and her recipe seems like a fun way to mix up my horse’s treats. Click here for the recipe. 

Happy baking! I hope you and your horses enjoy these treats!