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Helena Stormanns: Finding Success in the World of Show Jumping

By Caroline Cochran

Helena Stormanns is a renowned horsewoman who has dedicated her life to the world of showjumping. After years of competing in the international arena herself, the sought-after trainer now coaches some of the most successful riders in the sport, including Jessica Springsteen and William Whitaker.

Her training philosophy centers on a solid foundation of horsemanship, and her advice for aspiring riders is grounded in decades of experience working her way to the very top. Check out our latest video and keep reading to learn more about Helena Stormanns' top tips for finding success in the showjumping world.


Dedication, Determination, and Details

According to Helena Stormanns, success in the showjumping arena relies on an up-and-coming rider's dedication, determination, and attention to detail. The sacrifices required to pursue the sport at the highest level are immense. A rider needs an incredible sense of determination and dedication to carry them through the challenges they will inevitably face.

"You're going to have falls. You're going to have accidents. And if you're not totally determined to carry on, you'll fall by the wayside."

But even if you are fiercely dedicated, success is impossible without detail-oriented horse management. At the very top of the sport, the tiniest detail can make the difference between winning and losing. According to Helena, every horse is an individual with unique needs that must be met for optimal performance.

Hard Work and Horsemanship Comes First

Although some people may be under the impression that success is only possible for those born into generations of horsey families, Helena is an example that success will come to those who work for it.

"You only get success if you work really, really hard. You have to sacrifice virtually everything. But I think all top sports are like that… You dedicate yourself to the sport."

As a young city kid, Helana's entire life changed the moment she sat on her first pony. Immediately determined that she wanted to dedicate her life to horses, she had to discover everything for herself from the very beginning. It wasn't just about riding for her. It was about learning how to care for the horses and everything that a horse needs to be successful.

Working for a Professional

Helena eventually went to work for a professional rider, and it changed her life forever. Only after immersing herself in an environment with someone who had to make their living training horses did she realize how much work was involved behind the scenes.

"That was the moment where I had to decide, am I going to dedicate my life to this? Am I going to dedicate every free moment to this sport?"

The experience completely changed her outlook. Today, she strongly advises anyone who wants to do the sport seriously that the most important thing they can do is go work for another professional and stick it out. Helena believes that otherwise, it's impossible to understand everything required to achieve the successes seen in the show arena.

"Once you get to the 90 second round in the arena, all the work's been done. You need to be at the ground roots where it happens. That is the one single thing that anyone has to do if they want to be successful."