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How U.S. Showjumper Hannah Selleck Uses The Pessoa Lunging System To Improve Her Horses’ Fitness & Communication Out of the Saddle

By Caroline Cochran

The Pessoa Lunging System is a valuable tool for promoting better balance and topline development in horses. In our latest video, Corro Team Rider and U.S. Showjumper Hannah Selleck discusses how she uses this training aid with her horses to help them learn how to carry themselves.

Check out the video and keep reading to learn how to lunge your horse in a Pessoa rig and find out more about Hannah, a talented rider with top finishes in the international arena and a passion for equine welfare.


What is the Pessoa Lunging System?

Invented by renowned international show jumping rider Nelson Pessoa, the Pessoa Lunging System is a training aid that promotes proper topline use and assists with muscle development. The system includes an array of clips, ropes, pulleys, and a fleece hindquarter strap designed for use with a standard surcingle while lunging.

This rig helps horses find the ideal body position on the lunge using the basic principle of pressure and release. Lines attach to the bit to guide the horse's frame, and gentle pressure on their hindquarters encourages the horse to step his hind leg under his body, lift his back, and stretch the topline.

In addition to proper nutrition and correct overall care, regular work in an optimal frame can help strengthen and grow your horse's topline, making this lunging rig beneficial for both maintaining muscle tone in fit horses and assisting with the training of less experienced horses.

Handlers set the rig in different positions depending on the individual horse's level of fitness and training. However, the Pessoa Lunging System is designed for experienced handlers to use on horses that already have experience lunging.

How To Use The Pessoa Training System

Like any training aid, correct use is essential. While the system may appear complicated at first, it is relatively easy to assemble and learn how to use. To ensure that you fit your horse with the Pessoa lunging rig correctly, follow these steps:

1. Fit your surcingle and bridle your horse before gathering the rig and placing the hindquarter strap on his back.

2. Separate the left and right rein lines, gathering one out of the way while you fit the other.

3. Run the two rein lines from the tensioner through surcingle rings above the girth on either side of your horse.

4. While fitting the system, clip both snaps on the lines to your horse's bit rings.

5. Attach the snap from the "V-Clip" to the top surcingle D ring at the center of your horse's back.

6. Place the fleece hindquarter strap under your horse's tail. It should sit just behind the stifle and is easily adjusted on either side.

7. When you're ready to begin lunging, leave the pulley clip from each rein attached to the bit rings and clip the end snap to the desired surcingle ring or girth, ensuring that both front ropes are equal in length.

Introduce this system gradually, as working in a Pessoa rig can be an intense workout for horses who aren't used to it. But when used appropriately, these sessions can be a valuable addition to any training program.

Support Optimal Training With The Pessoa Lunging System

Find out why top riders like Hannah Selleck use this lunging rig in their training programs and see the difference better balance can make for your horse's topline. Try the Pessoa Lunging System today, available from Corro.

Pessoa Lunging System

Invented by international show jumping rider, Nelson Pessoa, the Pessoa Lunging System is a training aid based on principles of pressure and release that is designed to encourage both balance and a gradual build-up of topline. This easy to assemble and highly adjustable system may be used in four different positions depending on your horse's level of training and fitness to assist in maintaining muscle tone in fit horses and guiding less experienced horses into the correct shape.

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Meet Corro Team Rider Hannah Selleck

Hannah Selleck fell in love with horses growing up on a ranch in Southern California, cultivating a passion that would eventually propel her into a distinguished professional career with numerous top finishes in the international showjumping arena.

Hannah's achievements include individual and team gold medals at NAJYRC and winning the USEF Show Jumping Talent Search Finals. As a professional, Hannah has earned several tri-color ribbons in both hunter and jumper championships.

After recognizing the need for top-quality hunter/jumper horses produced within the United States, Hannah founded Descanso Farm in 2010. Based in California and Florida, her program develops young prospects to their peak potential with the highest quality care, training, and expert guidance.

Following a decade of success as a boutique breeding and training operation, Hannah and Descanso Farm transitioned to focus on producing high-caliber sales horses. Horses in Hannah's program benefit not only from her talent in the saddle but her commitment to the highest standards of horsemanship that always prioritizes their welfare.

Hannah also serves as an ambassador for Brooke USA, an organization dedicated to improving the welfare of working horses, donkeys, and mules in the developing world. Whether she's pursuing success in the show ring or making a difference with charity work, horses always come first for Hannah.

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